Friday, June 26, 2009

Luke 6 :27

Hallelujah, I got a new follower to the site!
Thank you Isadora.

Today brings a new situation to light.
I think the scripture is: Luke 6:27
Turn the other cheek....
I'm gonna read up on this story.

I love my job.
And until recently everyone was the bestest of friends and family.
Until, I rescinded my acquaintance with a colleague who confuses me with her tone, attitude, and opinions.
Well, this must have been going on too long because the wall I have built up has now been built too high and the world (HR) can see it.
Got called in to behind a closed door today.
There really wasn't any need for this because to explain the situation would only allow some poor behavior on her part to be exposed.
I tried my best to listen and not remark to anything as this was the best strategy, in my opinion.
Yeah, it worked.
Apparently the whole issue arose ( I had forgotten about it and let it go...) about when the big boss got sick and the privacy issue was implemented.
Everyone knows, and especially I do as a former Nurse, not to spread rumor or opinions when it comes to health.
How dare my gurl talk to me like I didn't know the rules???!!!!
Well, when she had to explain to big boss she was giving me the lowdown about her paranoia... it all came out.
I sat back and listened.
Our boss made some observations... that blew me away.
Someone asked me the other day if I was living up to what I write in my blog.
Thank you Jesus, for patience today saved me.
Thank you for reason and intuition, clarity and wisdom.
I try to walk the walk of Christ and keep the Faith at all times.
Sometimes are easier than others.
But today, I won.
We do have the victory.
For that, I am grateful.


We have come to another end in the road.
My condolances to the families of Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson.
May God continue to bless their families and may they be able to receive His Comfort.

It was so shocking...the emails, texts, and calls I received and in such rapid time yesterday were frightening.
This particular text moved me to the point of tears.
Which by the way, of late, has not been too hard to execute.
Please enjoy this piece of poetry.
***please note: I have added punctuation to the text, never changing the words tho, which has most definately deepened the meaning.****

Stop the love you save may be your own;
ABC, easy as 123, BillyJean.
I'm bad.
Remember the time?
Pretty young thing youre off the wall...
you wanna be startin' something? smooth operator?
Criminal. *sigh*
Ebony & Ivory, Webster, McCauley,
Brooke Shields, Stevie...
Wonder Aretha, Gladys Knight, Smokey Robinson Paul McCartney, Ola Rae..
Imagine the concert in Heaven.

My sincere thanks to my then husband for allowing me permission to print his poetic words with regard to the passing of Michael Jackson. welcomes the opportunity to all to submit any creative ideas.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Super Cars

Now, for those of you who know me....
I cracked up when I saw these two pictures. Cause they make me think of our two boys.

Words of wisdom passed on to the next generation,
by way of GP. -6/25/09
One of the lessons of Turtle is to slow down.
Sometimes folks say they do not have time to do all the things they want to do.
Time? All you have is time. When you don't have time you're dead.
Turtle, who lives a very long time and who has been on earth longer than any other vertebrate animal, has all the time in the world.
Turtle carries its house on its back, and when it feels attacked it withdraws into its protective shell. This can remind us that we carry within ourselves our own protection.
It is also a reminder of the importance of going within.
We need to learn to withdraw not only when we feel threatened by the outside world, but in order to contemplate, to decide what our next direction will be.
Slow-moving, contemplative Turtle can also be described as grounded.
When we feel as if things are happening too fast, or as if there's too much to do, when we are great at starting projects and not so great at completing them, we can call on the energy of Turtle.
To be grounded doesn't mean to be stuck in one place.
Turtle travels very close to the earth and is intimately connected with the currents of Mother Nature's energy.
Because it moves so slowly it has the time to appreciate all of her creations.
So can we when we take the time that is always there, when we move more slowly along our own paths, we can enjoy the journey.

Post #63

Well, I got to 63 posts before I blogged about Love.
No,uh uh...not the real kind, (God) love.
Stupid love, human love. Boy/girl sh*t.
My gurl has issues.
We have been friends for over 40 years; off and on but by now we resemble sisters. More times than none we disagree and will fight continually, creating a lapse where we don't talk or write. But we love one another.
Her experiences with LOVE have been plentiful, but frighteningly painful to say the least.
She trusts no more; male or female.
She lives (only) for her one grandchild and folds Life into the center of a lace handkerchief where she wears it stuffed at the end of her sleeve.
About 2 months ago she had her teeth fixed.
The cost of dental work is about the cost of a new Benz now, but nevertheless, she sat in the chair. Well, while dining one night, and probably after a few sips of wine, she eats, showers and proceeds to "wash her teeth" and notices they are not there. Frantically she backtracks.
Well, Spinelli's or Puglise's or Cataverrro's Sanitation has them now, guaranteed.
They clatter somewhere in the wastelands of garbage.
On the bottom of some heap.
Tears, fear and four hundred dollars later, my gurl is now on dental house arrest.
So here is where my attitude drops in...
We have a mutual male friend who has returned to the community.
He and she go farther back then I do.
But because she has no bottom teeth she will not be seen in public.
Well the fight is, after all these years, finally, there is a friend who is safe, kind, loving, knowledgeable, entertaining, financially stable, virile and looking good at 60 something who finds her to be a beautiful mature woman and she can't get with the program.
I heard on the radio the other day a quote from a woman who has experienced a similar Life.
She said: ( paraphrased) "Altho Life has treated you unkindly with Love, it is important to forgive, forget and LOVE again".
I can't tell you how hard I cried when I heard this.
I damn near had to pull off the road.
As I have told you , I say "...for those of you who know me".
My son, says "I digress."
But my then husband says it all... " It is what it is".
And it is what it is.
I wish she would just thank you GOD for today.
Enjoy the beauty of being; the bigness of who you are.
The blessings of being able.
Accessible, believable, credible, delectable, eligible, flexible, lovable, manageable, permissible. The list goes on.
Just think how BIG GOD is.
How Infinite He is and all He has for us.
This small "get dressed and go out with an old friend" is so small in comparison to what GOD has Planned for us.
Everything doesn't have to be complex.
Life can be simple.
Simply Life.
Take the joys of today and savor them for we are not promised tomorrow.
God will make sure your Plan is complete if you stop whining, get out of HIS way and let Him do.
You cannot Plan your own way.
You shouldn't wish to; for all the collective and brightest ideas we have could not light up the sky as beautiful as GOD can.
The very thing you oppose may be your portal to complete joy.
It may be your way back, back to where you were supposed to be from the beginning.
Nor can you wallow in yesterday.
Yesterday is gone and tomorrow may bring a better yesterday than one could ever imagine.
You know?
Count yours.
Live simple.
and enjoy.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Staircases and New Places

Good morning folks!
We celebrated Tyler's birthday yesterday!
And yesterday still sits gently on my heart even tho the day has passed and we are onto something new.
However, I am now truly convinced there is a stairway to Heaven.
I believe we all start at the base of the staircase and with certain achievements/realizations/Intimate Exchanges with God, to name a few...we advance one stair, and sometimes, maybe a whole flight of stairs.
Everyone is different, to say the least.
***(I am told repeatedly that I speak metaphorically, so open your mind and loosen your imagination).***
It was 5 years ago that our youngest grandson was born into this wonderful family. For at least 7 of his incubation months he was known as "Sarah".
We banked on this baby girl. We primed each other for what "she" would be like; we gave consideration to the fact the Mother is a Princess (and I am Queen!). We warned each other that she would take on the position of both the baby and the only girl; there was a lot to talk about.
But we were surprised in many ways.
Not only was he a boy, he was a miraculous delivery.
A birth I never will forget.
Having never experienced the wonderment of childbirth personally, at least while being awake, (I am the C-section Queen) I am totally with thanksgiving for being able to be not only present during his birth but to partake.
So there is a very spiritual connection between Tyler and I to this very day.
At 3:53 pm I called to wish him Happy Birthday.
My traditional high-pitched "Hi sweetie" rang louder than usual.
My eyes welled up and my mind raced, remembering that on this very day, 5 years earlier, he entered the Universe. I cringed at the fact our younger son had just turned 21 and now the baby Grandson was 5.
He answered the cell phone like he owned a phone of his own; speaking clearly and definitely with excitement.
"Happy Birthday, Ty! I love you!" rolled out of my heart and off my tongue.
"Mimi", he roars.
"I got presents; I'm 5 now."
He speaks with a proud voice and is truly convinced 5 is a good thing.
There is a moment of silence but I can hear him thinking.
"GP gots a fishin' pole", he explains.
For some reason, unknown, at that split second pyrotechnics were created in my mind. Bursting into the colors of dreams. Shades of purples and blues, silver and a trim of green all laced together blast off leaving me in awe of what is happening to me.
It seemed that right then, every bit of everyone's DNA seeped outta' this little boy.
Better than a UT, more powerful than a UB (unbelievable blessing).
I saw GP, Great Papas (u), his Dad, my sons, his mom and even his Great Grandma (she is sooooo afraid of worms). His Nonnie shined brightly and I could hear her voice calling out to "show your Nonnie what you got" ...
It was a terrific experience.
I think while all this was going on, while I went blank on the phone, while he was giving his testimony, I climbed one more step.
This experience made me realize even deeper than I presently have,
that family is everywhere, all the time, everyday.
Just like Jesus.
With that revelation I made my climb and now rest in the heavenly stairwells of amelioration; awaiting GOD to bless me with another intimate walk on my Journey.
Birthdays have always been my favorite day.
Children and animals have always been a special part of me.
I am so grateful to GOD for His Humor, His Love and His Understanding with me.
Altho this journey isn't always a highlight of fireworks against the dark blue sky, nor the memory of warm sand between your toes all the time; it is an especially wonderful journey every day we rise to give God the glory!
Every day is a birth day to me.
No tellin' what GOD has Planned to come alive next.
Be prepared to climb.
Your StairMaster has a Great Plan and you are part of it!

Commander Son

How could I have forgotten to blog about the Commander?!!?
Well, probably cause my Spirit has been soaring all over the place.
He jetted home for a few days last week.
We enjoyed the company and certainly are quite impressed with his achievements both scholastically and socially.
As our 2040, he is maturing well.
I am especially excited about his last trip and the way he is shaping his education.
He showed great comfort and love to his 90 year old Grandma over the visit.
She is still gleaming with joy and raving about their brief visit together.
I must say we are all very proud of him.
However, the best show of Love was when his nephew fell asleep with his new birthday Nerf gun, given to him by none other than,
*** The Commander and Chief***.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

ac⋅count⋅a⋅bil⋅i⋅ty :

Webster defines it as: the state of being accountable, liable, or answerable.
Somehow I always confused it with "on account (of)", a happening of which I would undoubtedly, in the end, become responsible for.
Whether it was due process or accidental.
Over the years there have been more than one hard decision made in my Life.
I used to wonder if my Life had just been one continuous hard decision.
One continual, accountable, situation!
But fortunately, along the Journey, Jesus became my Teacher, my Savior and my Friend and I have come to know the Truth.
However, even with as much Joy as He has placed in my Life daily, I am still accountable.
Probably even more now than yesteryear.
Trial and error, while "decision-making" on my own eventually lead me directly to His Word.
His Unconditional Love and Guidance, the Work of the Holy Spirit and a great amount of patience, has now made "accountability" my friend.
I think twice before I speak.
I try to aim lower than higher which most of the time hit the bull's eye that way. I just plain -ol'- straight- out -give, rather than measuring how much I gave to how much I should take, this time around.
I'm learning about love.
(I take full accountability on that one!)
I am repentant for all that might have left me feeling accountable... if there is such a word.
I live with the knowledge GOD loves me.
He loved me first!
I pray actively.
Today, I ask God to let you realize that being held accountable does not necessarily have to be a bad thing.
When we meet, I want Him to say to me He is proud of what I am being held accountable for.
Got to go now, and take responsibility.
"Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don't complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don't bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality. Wake Up and Live!"
-(Bob Marley)

Monday, June 22, 2009


It was getting later in the day and my schedule was still full. Spending longer than expected with friends and celebrating Father's Day was exciting, but draining. It wasn't until Sunday at 5pm that I headed back towards home, the car filled with luggage and trinkets to remind me of the memories I would hold close for a long time to come.

The Parkway was empty travelling southbound. The hills and curves are all so familiar. Having travelled this way many a morning, my mind drifts backwards, slowly, remembering all the wonderful conversations my son and I had when we rode back and forth to school, the changing of the seasons, the traffic jams and all the favorite songs blasting on the radio.
I arrived at my exit sooner than expected.
At the last moment, I decided to take the long way home and incorporate a few more tasks along the way.
The cemetery is only a short drive down the road.
So I journey to the sacred spot where my Dad is buried.
I pass the many headstones, some covered in moss due to the rainy weather we have entailed.
The names remind me of certain people places and things.
My grandparents are buried smack dab between two other headstones with the same (last) names of two of their dear friends.
How strange I think.
What are the chances of that?
They also lie next to a couple who they were friends with forever.
Its like "old home week" I think.
But then it never ceases to amaze me, the Awesomeness of GOD and His Universe!
A dog runs rapidly thru the grounds, peeing and pooping and barking joyfully as if he has just entered the Disneyland of dog parks.
His familiarity causes me to wonder, even more.
Does he really know where he is?
While children roam the north side of street in search for their loved ones,
I realize I am standing perfectly still; observing; somewhat dazed.
The ringer on my phone alerts me; I was deep in thought.
On the screen of my phone shines the most brilliant picture of my California (other) Dad's headstone.
I am stifled, standing perfectly still; no breath, tears, gasp! shrug or yelp.
I fumble my way to my phone and immediately proceed to take a picture of my Dad's headstone.
Then, flying in like a war zoned jet pilot, buzzing frantically by me this HUGE insect lands on the top of Dad's headstone.
"SEND", I command and the picture is off to cyberspace.
The bug remains, its landing strip equipped with a make-shift tarpaulin of wet leaves.
Now, for those of you who know me, I don't dislike bugs, but I ain' t looking to make a Life long friendship either.
This insect never moved the entire 2 hours I sat and talked to my Dad.
He let me photograph him at all angles.
With a few closeup shots bumping him in the head!
He watched me twirl in the summer rain.
My full skirted cotton dress soaked.
The colors running together, the dress is now looking like the canopy over a merry- go- round.
The bug is patient with my antics and remains by my side.
I continue praising GOD for such a rare occassion, this summer rainstorm.
OH! How it has soothed my soul!
The bug gazes at me with question in his buggy eyes, when I cried about a certain situation I needed help with.
He smirked when I told Dad that I can hammer now, and I am pretty good at it.
He seemed to swell up with pride upon the news of my son's new purchase.
When it was time to go I said "goodbye" and took a few steps toward the car when I remembered I had not told my Dad I loved him.
This type of bug I never seen in my entire Life, before Sunday.
Yeah, I know I am running outta topics to write about, but before you call me crazy...
and for those of you who Believe, Our Living God has such a sense of humor... just as my Dad did.
I said my Iloveyou's and no sooner had I blown a kiss, he flew away.
Almost like the wind of my breath lifted him up, took him on, to where ever his next assignment was.
Take another look at Our Creator's Handiwork and tell me he isn't the cutest bug you've ever seen.

More than a UT

Hi Folks!
I hope your morning has started off as great as mine did!
I overslept.
(Probably due to all the excitement over the weekend)
But thanks to texting and the Universe, I made it to work on time.
Actually made in about 10 minutes earlier.
Hmmmm, try to figure that one out.
But not to worry because I have discovered a better phenomenon than UT's!!!
You know, I blogged about them earlier, Unexpected Treats?
I am not sure exactly what the Universe's job is; but I am sure it has a major part in this play we are starring in.
It all started on Friday when everything and everybody seemed to be just perfectly lined up with the Universe itself.
Well without going into deep detail, everything was precise, everything.
All the right responses were in order and it was just too amazing for me to even phantom what was going on in my Life!
That is when it came to mind like a bolt of lightning, a 100 watt light bulb, an anvil dropped by Wiley Coyote....
I am "The Christian Heir".. duh?!
But these occurances were more than a UT.
They were unbelievable.
They were pure and sent -by- GOD simple acts of LOVE.
Thank you God; Thank you very much.