Thursday, July 09, 2009


My Attitude

Good morning all,
I am soooo tired today that my writing skills are nil.
I spent the most of the evening trying to be civil and not busta' nurse in dey azz.
Yes, the ChristianHeir said that.
Sometimes when you are following the steps that Jesus lays out for us, you march for a while and then BAM! you mis-step and quickly the rhythm is off. But if you listen closely and be still, the pace will come back and the step will be in perfect timing again.
It is then you will be able to follow the walk He has Planned for us once more.
I used to think if we fell, misjudged a situation, backslid, whatever you want to call it, oooh what a tragedy.
But I have come to realize it is those simple mistakes which keep you aware of how God's Word affects us daily.
It gives us the chance to realize and pat our self on the back to how great a job we have done thus far. It gives us a baseline to work from. It makes it easier to know right from wrong. Or at least how to determine how to keep right and get rid of wrong.
I was unnerved about the way they sat my Mother on the commode for 45 minutes last night.
How they made the changing of the guard a preference to treating the elderly well.
But, in my arrogance I stopped to realize I am the christian heir.
There was no need to become belligerent with anyone.
But to be patient and kind and
1). thank God I was there to grab someone for help.
2). Thank God she is able to go; no catheters, colostomy bags, inabilities...
3). and praise His Name that I am employed in a capacity that I love; writing, painting and being creative. That altho I did go to school to be a nurse, I am definitely not one.
Last night was stressful.
I didn't get much sleep.
I am anticipating her move today to rehab.
But I know Jesus loves me and has my back, front side....
In the time it has taken me to finish writing this blog, many blessings, UTs and joy has crossed my Path.
So remember when things don't go right, give it to GOD...
Then praise Him for all you do have.
It's a Journey.
Bless God for it!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


I am sure somewhere you have heard the crackling of thunder before.Knowing how far away the storm is, is determined by the amount of time between the thunder and when the lightning strikes.But there can be only thunder alone, at times.Such as today.There is a silver sheet of glass over the sky.It drops down like a theatre curtain, meeting the ground.It acts like a shield over the trees, protecting the flowers and the grass.It is hard tough rain, loud and abrasive.It is a rain which causes flooding.The traffic is at a slow crawl and the flow of water is rushing into the drainage system.The sun is shining yet the rain is soaking rain and plentiful.The air is warm, the raindrops are cold.The steam rises up from the blacktop while the drainage rolls forcefully seeping into the ground; all which has not time to reach the sewer.Opposites play a strange game here.This rain storm makes me think alot about Life and its opposites. Sometimes when we have adversity we think of it as being the worst situation. When in many cases it is the Path we need to be on. Sometimes, it is only after we cross the bridge, we realize all along it was Jesus who was Our Bridge and the Holy Spirit Guiding us.



"Keep your mind on Jesus, cause if your mind ain't on Jesus, Satan gonna cause you fall."-ENCOURAGEMENT by way of Malcolm

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

GODs Gifts

"This is a moment that I wished I didn’'t live to see come,"
Stevie Wonder said at Michael Jackson’s memorial service in Los Angeles.
“But as much as I can say that and mean it, I do know that God is good.
And I do know that as much as we may feel, and we do, that we need Michael here with us, God must have needed him far more.
That quote is so powerful to me.
From a blind man, his perspective of "see "goes way beyond my imagination.
For "see" here is far more than (just) visual. It is insight, understanding, anticipation; it involves Faith, freedom, and celebration.
I think this is a most important time to recognize how Powerful a God we serve if you have not yet done so.
God's Creative Hands gave us a musician (Michael) , a talented and gifted individual who graced our hearts in song to generations.
Each of us has His Gift inside of us.
Altho we may not sing, dance or entertain the way Michael did, know that GOD has blessed you with another (maybe several) talents and gifts.
In my extremely blessed family, we have The Scriptural Translator, The Faith Healer, The Intercessor, The Challenger and The Scriptural Applicationist, who is also known as our glue.
He keeps us together with his logical views.
When shared together, this combination gives us the boost we need to make this constant Journey a smooth and confident daily transition.
Faith provides us a with a (daily) renewed strength; which usually brings on new miracles.
(You have to look for those miracles each day...they are ever- so- apparent, if you are open to receiving...even better than UTs, UBs)
Each miracle gives us an even brighter ray of Hope.
Each time begets encouragement and a final met goal of achievement and understanding.
But like the Law of Nature, or Law of Attraction, Law of the Universe, Scriptural Law or the culmination of them all, not everything is always sunshine. In order to get sunshine, you must first have rain, or cloudy skies to make that breakthrough.
If everything is peachy from the beginning and stays that way,
Where is your baseline? How do you measure?
Some days are tougher than others.
But at those times is when we need to reflect back to the sunshine days.
Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the LORD.
-Psalm 31:24
Colligate the gifts GOD has placed upon us and use them.
We are all equipped with Godly TOOLS.
Use your tools just like you would when the drain leaks, or if the garage door won't open.
Know which tool to use.
These are your GIFTS.
Use them while you are able and use them to please GOD.
Get going... and be blessed.

Tribute to Michael Jackson

Today, I won't blog about all the controversy of Micheal Jackson's death.
I will just ask GOD for His comfort to all who need it.
In Jesus Mighty Name...

First Moments

Last night or I should say early this morning; I woke up abruptly to the thought of "first things".
I have no idea where the thought came from.
I ate no bananas before retiring.
(They say, bananas make you dream).
It was all I could do to try to sleep and not think of the first time I did something or, things I had done only once.
This lasted for hours.
I remained somewhere in the midst of twilight roaming back and forth thru latter days and dreaming of future things to come.
I thought about the first time I pumped gas, the first time I opened a checking account. My first loan.
I thought about the first day of kindergarten.
That same day, my Mother took my brother to the train station to join the Armed Forces.
Whoa, Hmmmmm...not sure I coulda' pulled that one off as a Mom.
I thought about the first full meal I prepared for my Daddy.
Oh! He was so kind. So loving, so patient.
Broiled chicken was my first attempt; however the chicken took forever to cook all the way through. This was in the days before the microwave. So you can just imagine. The skin was black and burnt. The meat still pink. We ended up eating probably around 9pm but my Dad was ever so grateful for my meal.

Then somewhere in there the thoughts transferred to things I had done only once. I immediately felt the wind hit my face and the rumble in my tummy became greater until I realized it was Malcolm who I was thinking it skydove?!!
No, skydived.

But then it shifted...
It was me at SIX FLAGS on the ELEVATOR ride.
Last summer I was with my little autistic buddy, Stephan at SIX FLAGS.
We laughed and giggled and because he isn't quite as comfortable as a mainstream child waiting in line, he gets a special pass to come to the front of the line.
So we anticipated riding this one at least 5 times in a row.
In the seat we go.
We sit side by side and he is in Heaven with excitement ooozing out of his pores. I am, scared.
The attendant locks us in securely and up we go.
To the top, probably 100 mph, straight up! WHOOOSH****
Then, we come down just as fast!
Now, he's elated and I am ready for that tiny looking bench I zoomed in on, on the way down.
"Again!!! he screams.
We crash the line and hop right back in the seat one more time.
Only this time, I check his seat belt.
The bell rings and up we more time at 100 mph.
Except this time, my metal seat belt knocks me in my tooth.
It is clearly unbuckled, unsecured, and flapping in my face.
Suddenly I am atop the world with only an over -the -head bumper type of harness that can fly upward at any given moment and suck me out...
Suddenly, looking over the tree tops is no longer appealing.
Instantly, I think, what happens if I should fall out of this seat?
Traffic was congested enough getting into the park.
Imagine the chaos of EMTs, Park Police and spectators beneath this turbulent ride.
The ride swoops down to the ground and all I hear is Stephan screaming "AGAIN!!!".
We have landed safely.
I check to see if I've wet my pants.

Altho this dream adventure was probably only ten minutes total, it seemed to be an eternity.
I thought about when I met famous folks for the first time.
About the only time I spoke in front of a large crowd.
I thought about the only car I've purchased all by myself.
Then I thought about jalapeno cheese bread, again!
Memories are awesome.
Take some time today to enjoy the joys of this Journey.
They are plenty.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Nurse Rachett

This is the view from Grandma's Room.
Taken by Missy on her cell phone.
I got to play nurse this weekend.
Grandma still has a broken leg.
Nurses are in shortage and I was available for a shift.
It was invigorating being able to help someone again.
It has been a long time since I nurtured someone in that capacity.
She rested quietly and had a great appetite.
We laughed about male nurses and my Mamma's restrictions towards them with regard to a bath...
We ate turkey tettrozani (spellcheck won't even help me here) and carrots, drank diet gingerale like it was champagne and rested in between; giggling and snoring, dreaming and talking loud enough to wake up the entire ward.
I rolled my mamma's gray hair in pink rollers and washed her face with my favorite, a warm white washcloth.
I watched her doze in and out and it seemed at times she might have been conversing with my Dad.
She will go to rehab soon.
GOD is such an awesome God.
My Dad is buried right across the street from where she will have to reside for about 8 weeks.
I am sure as always, he will make everything alright with her.
and in a minute we will be reflecting on this like it was something that took place years ago...
In the meantime,
make each day yours and God bless.

Same same

I love Our Creator.
This holiday weekend was busy and trying at times but we made it!
Happy Monday to all of you.

As we traveled the highways and by ways this weekend, the Lord gave me such beautiful insight to so much.
If I digress during this blog, please forgive me.
But it is what it is, and if you know me, IT (IS) BEAUTIFUL!

First I got to sleep in on Friday!
(I am still wondering how they managed to beat us out of a paid day).
The banks and Post Office were open on Friday, here in my state.
Now I am here at work on Monday morning.
We have summer hours, which gives us half day Fridays so where did I get any holiday off?
The 4th of July was Saturday!
I digress.

However, the joy I am trying to convey came Saturday as we camped out near Lake Somewhere in upstate New York.
(I just go for the ride).
Most of the time I am aimlessly gazing out the window until I capture in my peripheral vision a beautiful deer, a herd of prairie dogs, or some hunk of a guy at the edge of the lake with a HUGE fish dangling off his fishing pole!
But the greenery looked awesome due to the rain this time.
The air was pure and some times made me breathe deep, inhaling the smells of lavender, pine and the water.
But where GOD stopped me this weekend was with all the people.
I love to watch folk.
Now don't get me wrong, I ain't peeping, I am recognizing.
Recognizing who they are, where they came from, what their purpose is.
How they relate to me.

It was almost dusk and we had pigged out all day.
BBQ's are getting so sophisticated.
Lobster, shellfish, steak, chicken and ribs...
Babies running around, teenagers trying to "act in love", Grandparents in awe of cell phones and technology at best.
Dominos, chess, GPS on a Blackberry?!!
It is more than amusing watching a brotha' navigate his gurl to a picnic spot.
Those 40 years olds kill me.

Still poplockin'; not as old as me but not 25 anymore either...
Lets take Junior for instance.
Drives an immaculate 2007 Caddy.
Champagne color, billion dollar paint job, beige interior, wood grain. Beautiful machine.
Matter of fact, its his wife.
Well, were setting off small fireworks and the kids are near his car.
I am still laughing and am sooooo sorry Chris Rock wasn't there to document it all.
He had told them twice, please don't sit on the car.
Now they had firecrackers near the car and he was loosing it.
Before I knew it the water hose was turned on and Junior was spraying folk like the riots in the 1950's!
I can't blog the profanity but I can say, the Lord had mercy on us all.
I am still laughing.
All of that to say how awesome GOD is in His Creation.
How different , but the same we all are.

I could blog all day for pages with testimony of folks I never met before Saturday, attesting to the difficulties of the economic change, parents getting older, or passing away, tuition, car troubles, misunderstandings, non communication but somehow in there GOD is all Powerful and despite what was really going on we were grateful for that moment and trusting HIS unconditional Love and Grace He has for us.
When the fireworks began, there came a silence over the park.
As the sky lit up the colors were ablaze.
Folks shouted in unison oooooh and aahhhh.
It was amazing to me that we all knew when to say which oooh and which aaah.....
We waited patiently for the finale.
The sky bursting into color.
The MOON full and competing with the background of the sky.
The sound loud but exciting.
Departure from the park was even more intriguing.
You would think there would be congestion and road rage.
But instead I found the middle aged helping the elderly.
Folks were carrying chairs and directing folks with a soft passionate hand.
We laughed and joked about climbing the hill to get to the top of the mountain.
Coming down the hill was easy!
But the joy I had was knowing we are all in this Journey together.
And no matter what it looks like, somebody else is going thru the same thing you are.
An GOD is watching over all of us.

A Song of degrees of David.
Behold, how good and how pleasant [it is]
for brethren to dwell together in unity!
Psalm 133:1