Thursday, September 03, 2009

Dreaming in Sound

Today, I am blogging about my dream last night.
Join me on this fantastic voyage.
I got up this morning shaking off the riffs and chops from last night that (still) lay gently on my body and in my mind. Digging down deep and sweeping up those rich sultry sounds that move me, I remembered those lyrics having been sung with such promise and reason. I freely invited in the aromatherapy that was somehow connected to this music.
The manifestation of a soothed soul once again.
Yeah, I blogged of food yesterday... Likening myself to that gourmet meal prepared to perfection which was somewhere dropped between the swinging doors to the kitchen and the dining room.
Oh well.
But this morning was way different.
To start, I came in late last night so I was more than ready to retreat to my bed.
Eager to cuddle up under the cold breeze, I scurried to get to my newly laundered, warm, queen size, down comforter.
I showered, lathering layers of lavender soap from head to toe.
The fragrance was invigorating.
I slithered into my pure white cotton gown, fluffed up my stack of pillows and spread out across the bed.
The drift was slow and easy and no sooner than I lay my head down... the music started.
I dreamed the entire night.
I danced music in my head.
I waltzed barefoot into the rhythms and shimmied and shook to the Blues while innocently dressed in silk and lace.
Ivory hues and tones of purple swirled gently above my head reminding me of the colors which embraced the full MOON that glowed so brightly thru my window.
The smells were clear and poignant.
The rivers flowed deep and the sands were warm between my toes.
The air pure and clean, crisp and brisk.
The clouds soft.
The silver lining on each cloud cast a shadow giving the illusion of depth.
The fullness of these clouds covered my shoulders, wrapping me in softness.
The music, perfect.
Every pitch, tone, note was floating, resonating, in my circle of dream.
Whirling and whisping me up to the top of the Universe.
My sight extreme, the full view of the world below amazes me.
The song goes on and on and on.
A never-ending theatrical production.

I often speak about "creating" ...manifesting your thoughts and dreams.
I believe dreams are every bit of an extention of this Journey.
Lets see where the Universe takes me tomorrow.
Until then,
Clear your mind, rest your thoughts and hear your music.
The Journey is simply Divine.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Food for thought

For those of you who know me, know I am considered an older woman.
(It is what it is!)
Those who know me well, know I am a seasoned woman;
reserved in some ways; extreme in others.
I have been proclaimed "passion" as well as, flighty.
Regardless, I am well aware of my position(s).
There are two of us Gemini women.
Webster defines reserved with several definitions; but these two seem to portray best.
1)A resource not normally called upon;but available if needed.
2)To keep for oneself or save for future use, disposal or treatment.

This is precisely where I am at present.
Keeping myself at the disposal of others.
To save for future use. USE???!! Whatever.
All being, I feel like I am at THE DINER segment of this Journey.
At this particular point of this seasoned woman's Journey,
I find myself getting steamed over the slightest infraction.
Probably because I have been grilled by some contumelious folk, parched by the heat,
braised;( sautéeing in fat, (I have gained 20 lbs) and then simmering slowly in very little liquid, I've become dehydrated...)
Battered; To damage, as by heavy wear, battered. Not as in fish, battered...
(Rest assured, NO man, dare, in my Life, beat me...
which leaves me now, boiled over with contempt.
I am subject to thinking the next unjust event will be I am put on ice, if not careful!!!
...skipping the desert.

My blog is listed as The Christian Heir; words play a serious pun here.
I choose that name due to my Spiritual beliefs.
The enthusiasm with writing, words and thoughts made a fine combination.
Besides I think it makes a delightful masculine name.
Hier is of German lineage meaning "long" or "tall", I am told.
Translating to the tall christian (Spiritualist).
I digress.
My need to reach out to my readers today disturbs me.
I usually write for practice sake, to leave you in a happier, more encouraging state than you were before reading my blog, or just mainly to keep in touch, daily.
Today, I feel you should be writing me.
In this seasoned state of womanhood, today I feel burnt.
Or is it burned?
Crusty will suffice.
I feel seared, poached as in broken or torn up.
I am sooooo lacking Spirit which kept me engaged and confident.
I feel unaligned, off track and helpless.
In short, overwhelmed.
I know as this seasoned woman, there will be some charring.
I know I must keep my cool.
And in order to keep from becoming TOAST, I need to relax and smell the coffee.
Today's blog is to remind me that a new day is coming.
September is my favorite time of the year as well as my most favorite month.
It is the second day of September and if I continue in this depressed fashion I will have missed the party.
Things change every day.
Sometimes its champagne and caviar, other times it's take out.
My friend says,"Leave yesterday behind."
My radio show spoke about that this morning.
Forget the past, they preached.
My support suggests living for the moment.
Whatever the case, today I am going to continue being a seasoned woman...
About to go fill up on some of the finest treats of Life...
Friendship, music, Love.
I am about to sit down to the Table of Life and consume the fruits of my Spirit.
~Galatians 5:22
Thank you for letting me write my metaphors and thoughts, my dreams, desires and frustrations.
One day we'll have lunch.

Monday, August 31, 2009


It seems like it was a zillion years ago I took my youngest son to school for the first time.
I cried.
I sat in the parking lot for three hours.
I got sent home by the principal and I just did it again with my Grandson.
I thought history couldn't be repeated.


IT IS WHAT IT IS it's all good.
The post for the day.