Friday, May 01, 2009

The First of May

Good morning,
I apologize for the interruption. I was trying my best to be dilligent with this blog. It is a challenge for me. However, I am determined to be successful with this small endeavor.
So,lets not whine here...
Besides, my Dad would have reminded me that the GOOD LORD (as he would say), is always working in our favor. SOOOO , I will stop right here for just a moment and glance out this huge ceiling-to-floor window that graces My Lobby here at work; Watch my favorite squirrell Teddy, come beg for peanuts and listen to the rain. I will give GOD praises... for this day is a beautiful day. It is my Dad's birthday!
Grieving is tough.Rough.
Next topic: May 2009
This happens to be the second month of the second quarter of this year.
It is a new day.
A beginning of a new month.
So I would like to try to build your imagination and faith will a month long "Word for the Day".
I tried this with my family some time ago and I found they looked forward to the encouragement it brings.
So I bid you a full and exciting weekend, a safe journey and your first word: ABUNDANCE.
Check the dictionary for Webster's take on this word.
Let all that comes your way be fruitful and abundant.
Give abundantly.
and remember the Word has given us HIS promise of abundance.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The To Do List

Good morning.
Keeping my word to write every day might be a challenge, for me.
However, when I finally get a response from some reader it will be worth every moment of the discipline He has given me to succeed.
Yesterday was the first entry to my new blog and I couldn't for the Life of me figure out what to write about. So I came home from work and sat quietly on my porch, straining my brain and thinking. It wasn't until this morning when I read emails and found the most interesting List composed by a great friend of mine.
1. Live in Amherst WITH a new car.
2. Go Skydiving again!
3. Meet Hillary Clinton.
4. Become a World Leader.
5. Write a book.
6. Get a Jack Russell.
7. Thank God more often.
8. Be a father.
9. Get pair of's sunny out.
10. Live.
I am especially impressed with #7.
When we Thank GOD more often, the rest will fall into place!
So, I leave you today with the idea to form your own "To Do" list.
Let me know what you are striving for.
Then thank God for it!
Grace and Peace to you,

Monday, April 27, 2009

Having the Victory

It is only the power of prayer which leads me to this page!
For almost ever, I have tried to accomplish this task of creating a blog.
It is with fervent prayer I sought guidance.
Thank you, Jesus.

When I hadn't a blog to speak of, I could think of so much to write about. Now, the page is in front of me and I am drawing a blank.

I just want to say we are promised so much from GOD.
Take a moment to thank him for your gifts.
Then use them.
There is so much victory in sharing, caring and doing.
Be blessed and know He loves you.