Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Hollow Weenie

I'm amazed at all the sexually explicit Halloween costumes this season.
PocoHottie, Ophelia Payne, RN, SPONGE Babe?!!!
Then there is the other catagory: SCARY.
How many Michael Jacksons and SCREAM can there be?
I find at work, Halloween gives those scary folk time to come out.
Time to dress or I should say "undress".
Yeah, we got a few roaming around half naked, in their sexy night clothes.
Nylon does not cover up all those rolls of fat so grossly displayed!
But worse than that, I think it gave a few guys here a readily available opportunity to dress in drag at no expense.
My costume is simple.
I am THE RECEPTIONIST : Skilled Achiever.
Yup, the Christian Heir's twin.
Giving GOD the glory!
Enjoy today.
Don't be scared either ...cause God's got your back ...long as you keep moving forward.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


You are a day late and a stimulus package short.
Your sister and I had envisioned your designed President's costume over a week ago.
Please continue to eat your veggies,
I love you.
Mamma and Ked

p.s. The current blog is on the prior page, Dad..

Heavenly candy

Folks...I'm sorry!
Man, I wasn't trying to make you all sad.
I was, just what I thought were happy thoughts... gonna drop by and leave a few Hershey bars.

I have even received a phone call from my collegues...(I guess someone other than Dad does read my blog!)

Papa is the coolest.
He is somewhere at the Hershey plant of Heaven, on the South End, down the street from Uncle John and Eddie, Papu Norman and Aunt Dot.
He is the Foreman there.
Running the program with his freshly ironed uniform;
Hmmmm. I wonder if Papu does the pressing himself?
His hat sits on the back of his little pea head.
He tells silly jokes and shouts about them N*$!!@#s who eat all the candy up.
He prays for us during his morning breaktime and smiles down on us in between Yankee games.
The Price is Right.
Pardon the pun... but we know salvation is his.
He has made us all happy for all the years we have known him.
What would make him stop now?
Enjoy the chocolates and brush your teeth after.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Kisses on PARK AVE,(Snicker) you nerd

I have been told everyone grieves differently.
We are coming up on Halloween and for our family, its a Christian approach we take more than feeding the Devil, altho we do celebrate.
Either we go to the "dress up as angels thing" at church or we Trick or Treat with a non-scary non-demonic outfit.
In any case, we get candy.
It has been tradition since our daughter was 5 years old to share candy with my Dad.
Particularly chocolate.
After a long pacing of streets, counting heads, trading for Snickers bars, running from scary teenagers, watching someone's beer soaked Dad be Frankenstein, or a large hairy gorilla, and checking out the houses...we travel back home.
But some where in there we always make a left turn instead of a right and go to Papa's house.
There, the dining room table is always awaiting, bare.
Except one napkin holder in the center.
We would come in exhausted, greet our Grandparents and they would laugh at our silly outfits they of which they had no idea of what each was.
Never the less, we would empty pillow cases, pumpkins baskets with handles, pockets,
onto the table.
The colors would jump out at us.
Especially the reds in a KIT KAT bar.
Everyone ran for the MOUNDS and ALMOND JOYS.
Papa loves any chocolate so he just drooled and waited it out.
We would ask him his choices and he would say
in his Papa voice"Oh no, you guys eat your candy!"
All the while his hand was stretched out for a MR. GOODBAR.
We would separate the candy into piles; hard candies, licorice, large chocolate bars, peanuts, apples, raisins, now laters, some coin and distribute accordingly.
A glass quart Hellmann's mayonnaise jar held Papas portion of the candy.
He would take only enough to fill the jar.
By March he would still be checking to see if there was any chocolate left from Halloween, as dementia was setting in .
But despite the dementia, my Dad was the coolest Dad (other than my other Dad in California) and he was a piece of great work!
I will gather the children up on Saturday.
Load them in the car, drop them off to the Halloween party at the middle school, walk the streets with Ty and Ked, return to pick Poppi up and go to the homestead.
We will drop the candy on the table, separate it and pay homage to my Dad.
"Sweets for the sweet" he would say.
I love my Dad.
I miss him more, I do believe.
and the candy? It will be music to my soul as bittersweet as it is.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Trusting GOD

(ŏd'ĭ-sē) n. pl. od·ys·seys
An extended adventurous voyage or trip.
An intellectual or spiritual quest: an odyssey of discovery

Yesterday our youngest grandchild was playfully engaged in a wrestling match with his brother, laughing that deep gurgling giggle, tapping him on his forehead and escaping under the covers only to have me yell from the kitchen,
" Someone is going to end up crying...go to bed guys!"
Well, in the midst of these little boys' wonderful imaginations and seriously heightened spirits
came a serious warning from (our) heavenly angel above.
Rizzi by name.
As my daughter and I watched Ty drift to another calming place we shared the shifting of his energy and questioned what was transpiring.
He had gone from silly to serious in a flash.
His face turned pale and he complained his tummy ached.
In less than an hour later, the phone rang with the ugly news that our dog Jack had been hurt.
Jack is 3000 miles away.
In the midst of all the ruckus going on in my living room I do believe that calming which came across Tyler's being, was for Jack.
Lately, I have been tested every way possible in this tumultuous journey I am on.
I have questioned my own Faith, tested the power of prayer, restricted myself to a place of which I have become stuck, failed yet another relationship and grown older, but wiser.
I think positive energy is imperative.
I think the power of your thoughts are everything in deciding the outcome of any given situation.
I think some times thinking can be damaging.
Yesterday brought me some very deep thoughts about GOD and the Universe and energies and placement and getting oneself into the proper place within yourself.
This day, I am going to ask God to ground me, give me courage and understanding as to where I am supposed to be.
In the meantime I am going to LISTEN closer to what I hear and follow my intuitive mind.
and while I'm at it?! ... forget what other folks think, its my Life.
...and my angels are watching over me, my Lord, angels watching over me.