Thursday, May 07, 2009

For those of you who know me, its raining again today.

Can you even imagine how deep a smile I have pasted on my face?

Yup, raining.

Pitter patter, good book, blankie and Love.


I missed yesterdays entry because I wasn't feeling well.

But what is worse is I thought I left ya'll a message and the Word for the day!

(Don't get old).


Well today is another day and I trust God is still on the Throne because I am feeling much better.

Diabetes is a cruel disease.

It only takes a little stress for me to have my sugars go flying off the chart.

We lost another great Mom over the weekend and atho I wanted to express my saddness and pay my respects, well, I think it was too much for me.

As I joined my childhood friends, we realized WE are now the old folks, the grandparents and the ones who are watching the next generation in awe.

After services we journey down the street to the local bar.

The name is the TWO DOOR.

That ought to give you some indication of where we are located.

Somewhere between the Stumble Inn and the Dew Drop Inn, Haggerty's or McKenzie's; to name a few.

We are all seated around a table that holds about 12 people.

The men are at one end, Budweiser in hand, laid back, half can't hear any more, the other half bald, burpin' and fartin' talking about Crohn's disease, while us ladies sit up nicely, tucking our tushies to the back of the chair, one arm gently placed on the armrest, lipstick perfect, when my best gurl says as the bartender brings her onion rings..."Oh! I thought this was gonna be like a Bloomin' Onion????!!!! not a few separate onion rings."

The table goes silent.

The roar of laughter follows and EVERYONE says in unison:

"Bon, we're at the Two Door, not Outback".

The conversation begins.

We start reminscing about when we used to come to this very bar after a basketball game, a football game or just on Friday nights! The pool table was in the center of the room, the CHICKAHOMINY sign was hanging over the door. Bar room brawls seemed to take place more than none by the same few sitting at the end of the table, hehehe...
Now, the bartender is one of our grandkids! Who allows him stay up til closing?
Oh, how we remember.
Such a wonderful Life we live.
Its kinda late today for a word but if I had one it would be DIVINE, because that is what HE is.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Happy Birthday Gramma Ora Ida!
Today is MY Grandma's birthday.
She ranks first, well... my Dad and her for May birthday folks!
Our family is full of Maybirds as my Dad would call it.
He and my nephew on the 1st, my great niece on the 2nd, Uncle Dan is the 3rd, Gramma on the 5th, or the 9th...HEY!!! Nana is on the 5th!
Nana was the B grandparent.
She used to scare me.

Well, she still does. OK. Be safe here, they may read blogs in Heaven.
But anyhow all of us have May birthdays.
Me and Mishy, yup thats how Mikey says it.. are the last two.
Mine is the 28th and hers the 31st!
So much for the update on May birthdays.
Hope yours is a festive one!

Mercury is in retrograde

I just got warning that mecury is in retrograde from my scientist daughter.
Is that the reason I had to re boot my computer twice this morning?
The reason my laptop doesn't even show the screensaver any more?
Why my radio was full of static this morning?

It's raining again.
Today tho- I had a hard time getting outta bed.
It wasn't the clean fresh down comforter, or the topper I have adding to my mattress that is filled with down, or the fact my room was sooooo cold and the air was crisp.
I had a hard time rising cause I was so deep in prayer.
Prayer seemed so perfect, so necessary, so deep.
Everything flowed so gently and HIS arms emcompassed me as I layed there spilling my guts to my Real Dad. I told HIM everything this morning. I spelled out each situation and demanded HIS help; I cried and laughed. I felt HIS ever so lovely Prescence/ HIS Promises and LOVE.
So if you are reading this, know I prayed for you.
And don't worry about Mercury being in retrograde, GOD travels forward, backward, side ways, up , down.....
Today's WORD is Comfort.
Enjoy it.

Monday, May 04, 2009

They said SPELL CHECK is the way!
Sorry for all the typos in the last post, but I am sure you got my drift.

It's raining again and instead of working on this project I have scheduled for next week, I'm blogging, talking to my daughter, praying for my sons and eating warmed up chocolate chip cookies my support purchased yesterday at the A&P somewhere on this planet Earth. We rode all over the place this weekend. I loved to "go on a journey" as my kids used to say, when we (they) were younger. Traveling to no where by car, train, walking ...just going. We had fun!
So, I am reminecent about roaming the Earth this weekend.
The rain has made me think about the water again.
The sky is getting darker and the trees outside my Lobby are swaying.
The air is crisp and cold and it is quite discouraging to those folks who have become spoiled by the recent higher temperatures.
But I am praising GOD for the spectacular show going on outside.
I prayed for this.
"A job with a view please GOD", I whined.
and I got:
Windows from ceiling to floor, a full view of the outdoors with a waterfall that I can constantly hear the rushing water, rocks and a small pool for the ducks.
Or the geese, whomever fights first, takes the space.
There is a red robin and a bluejay in the tree as I write.
Here comes Teddy for some peanuts.
He's my friendly squirell.
I love the rain.
****two seconds later***
"Where is the sun?" Lori asks.
I laugh and tell her the last line I typed was that I loved the rain.

I don't look at TV....
But ...
Anthony Morrison from the Shear Genius is beckoning me.
What a fine, distinguished, talented, Black, man.
T A L L......oooooooo.
For those of you who know me, go ahead and laugh.
For those of you who don't know me, you have my permission to laugh.

I am Gemini.
My thoughts travel (again that word) like the speed of light.
I can be thinking about one thing, typing another and talking about a third.
And just about now I am deciding how I will get this fashion minded king to do MY hair!
I got some serious growth going on and my hair is au naturel so he has a blank palette to work with.
Go ahead...Paint me, my brotha'.
From the pouring wet rain to the dry, needing -to-be- moisturized scalp.
ahhhh, .....the blessings....
news at 11...
Keep up with me fellas, I'm liking this BLOG thing.

The Fog

The fog has lifted, finally.
Figuratively and literally.

I hope this finds you all in a great Monday morning mood.

The weekend was actually fabulous despite the rain.
I actually thought of it as a cleansing, much of what I needed.
My thoughts had me going there for a moment.
I had to get back on track and thanks to my family and my support, as I will call him; I am on a roll!
I miss my Dad and as I stated in my last post, his birthday was Friday.

I am so suprised at who listens to my words.
My whining, my sorrow, my jokes and requests; my Dedeisms can be trying sometimes but folks are really there and contribute to my Life.
(Thank you GOD).
So, after work I was going to journey to the campgrounds (the cemetary) to drop off a HERSHEY bar to my Dad, hehhehe, he loved chocolate.
But my boss celebrated her birthday on Friday and knew how much my heart ached not having him around to celebrate with, and kept me after work to share a toast to him and a slice of cake!
Then my support calls and we journey to our favorite watering hole only to find a group of the best waiting to have dinner and share. We told Dad stories and laughed and cried, sipped a nice $100 bottle of wine, can't say the name to save my soul... but it tasted quite good. Ate like piggies and danced to the music! I especially enjoyed the company for they encouraged me....all night long. They reminded me of GOD's Promises, gently uplifting me in their thoughts and entrusting me to GOD arms for HIS further affection.
HE loves me, that, is so cool. So does my Dad.
We rode into the wee hours of the night, around several great bodies of water along the coastline. My Spirit longing for the quiet of the rain and the feel of the water against my skin.
The fog created a soft shelter, a peace within as well as out.
However, the fog has dual identity. A double menaing to me....
A kind of warm encompassing to my surroundings but a haziness to my mind since I still don't quite undertand some things.
In the midst of it all I did enjoy my Dad and the memories he gives me.
So today I leave you with the wiord BLESSED.
Because, that is what we are!
Hope you live in abundance and your blessings are many.
Thank you for all you thoughts and prayers.