Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pain pain go away

I love the fact that I am able to ask GOD to help me.
My sciatica is yelping at present.
The pain feels like when I was little and had a toothache.
A kind of dull repetitive ache.
But I can't help to thank God that I have a hip.
I went to a Blues event recently and met a fella with only two stumps.
He was a jolly bearded fella.
Had a cap on and a flannel shirt.
He sat upright in the wheelchair.
He could manuever that thing like it was a race car.
His name was Stephan.
I remember somewhere between him busting thru the back door at this resturant we were at and the first couple of chords of the song, Walter shouts out" This one is for you Stephan!!!".
He smiled and nodded running his hands against the wheels looking as if he was gonna pop a wheelie any minute.
Down the aisle he raced, stumps jumping in the wind.
I sorta got sad and then I said to myself, "Self, Does he any better? Does he care?"
He was just as happy ... out partying just like us.
GOD has a wonderful way of showing us things.
Stephan is one of them for me.
I can't even think to complain right now.
I thank God for the words to write and to be able to blog.
Some months ago I couldn't get to this site to blog.
I love writing and this has taken my mind off the pain.
Someone will read this after I post it on FB and comment about my writing or maybe even Stephan.
They will relate to the situation or if not it will open their eyes.
We can be grateful for more than we know these days.
Most times we are not.
Folk used to say I had beautiful legs.
Not dancer's legs by any means, but short lil stubby "thick" legs as Roberto calls them.
I am blessed for that.
I made some man happy one day in my Life to be able to view my legs and hips.
Even tho they hurt right now I can trust GOD will hear my plea and heal me.
That IS what HE does!
In the meantime maybe I can get my Love to massage me.
On a day like today (its raining) I would love that treat!
So no matter what, stay positive folks.
Its the better choice.
Be well.