Friday, June 12, 2009


The weather is scary these days.
Lots of rain, thunder storms and fog.
But today the humidity is 100%!
I laugh cause my Dad used to refer to it phonectically, as, huma~dity.
Yes, he was a pip!
He would wipe his brow and put his handkerchief in his back pocket and blow a puff of air out, as a sigh of relief.
I miss those silly things he used to do.
Wearing a woman's wig, telling the same stories over and over again, calling folks outta their name...
"Them *$&&#!~~'s".
I am almost SOLD to the fact it musta been the era as my other Dad made references to the "monkeys" when he needed to be explicit.
Regardless of their need to label one's actions or the state of being at that particular time, (that's usually when those words rolled of 'dey tongue like music)
I love them both for all they knew and taught me.
These were two knowledgeable men.
Hard working individuals, successful individuals, loving husbands and Fathers. Real men.
Born 4 months apart in age. Hmmmmm....
So if the humidity is high today, I do not complain.
I lift my hands to the sky, and from the depths of my belly sing praises;
then trust GOD will let them both know, I miss them.
...but that don't mean I will ever forget them.
Geez, its hot.
Have a great weekend.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Down by The River Noel Gourdin

Lately my blogs have been mostly about my boys;
(My daughter and I are outnumbered).
So I thought I would blog her in, so to speak...
This song is the ringtone on her phone.
You know how I love words and Noel Gourdin's lyrics impress me greatly.
Its raining again, sit back and drink a cup of something good and soothe your soul as you digest his words.

Noel Gourdin Lyrics:

The River
Growin’ up, it was tough
We were glad for what little we had
I saw my share of old fair Mississippi
Dirt roads and confederate flags
Everyday my father would tell me
Son, run and don’t never come back
That’s where I left my girl
That’s where my heart is at, and oh
I held my breath when they dipped my head
Then I came up shiny and new
Found out about love in the back of my Impala
Where they laid my grandfather too
Down by the river
Where black folks gather
After Sunday service is through
How the river runs to the ocean
I’ll be runnin’ right back to you

I got along, I’m movin’ on
I bandaged the scars up well
I think of her, then I seem to wait
For a card or a letter in the mail
I walk the beach with the sand in my feet
Place my ear to a shell
I wonder if you miss me too
Coz I been longin’ to get to you
I’m sick of starin’ out my window sill
I’m tired of hopin’ she remembers me still
I’m packin’ my bags, I said I’m goin’ back home
To the place where I belong
The river
And if she’s there when I get there
I’m never gonna leave her again
You see, she stole my heart
Down by the river
So I’m packin’ up my suitcase
Bought me a one-way fare
I’m leavin’ everything behind me
But in my heart I always care
And I’ll still be right there
Thank you baby
Coz nothin’ can replace that part in my life, and ..
I posted an entry an few days ago about not knowing what to do when a certain situation approaches that is unfamilar or uncomfortable.

Thank you all for your prayers, thoughts and well wishes.

As always, GOD has fixed it.


Our son will be President 2040

Like many of us still can't believe our eyes, understand just how unreal this seems to every little black boy and how they now see themselves, every day for the rest of their lives.
That what change means...

Recent photo of a little boy visiting the White House. He wanted to feel Obama's hair because he wanted to know if the President's hair felt just like his.
Obama obliged.
Posted with appreciation and acknowledgement to the sender of this article received via email 6/11/09

Call Security! The Commander is in the House

Holy Smokes Batman!
*poof* of smoke..
Security has been breached.
Well, possibly not.
The President of the United States 2040 can do what he chooses.
and, Mamma gives you permission.
Still, what a delight to have him appear on my site.
To plug or not to plug. heheheh.
It was like a guest appearance on the Johnny Carson Show, seeing him on my blog.
To those millennium babies it probably is more like a visit with Carson Daley, or Anderson Cooper, or the fav of the Prez, Mr. Colbert.
But nevertheless it was exciting, his appearance so grand.
Maybe I can find time to set up tee time for the two of us.
Or maybe that's where Dad comes in.. cause it's more like tea time for me!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Mother of all Missions

Hole in one. Hello readers, this is the Commander in Chief (the person not the blog). I have infiltrated this account in an effort to plug my own blog. Visit to cast your vote for the future. 

Love you Mama, 

It is so hard to make the proper decision sometimes.
How does one determine what is and what isn't if you have never been there to know?
If experience has not been your teacher; if Life itself has not dealt you the wherewithal needed?
Experience is the best teacher someone said.
Fall off the horse and get back on.
Try try again.
So when you come to the brick wall what do you do?
When in question, do nothing, my Grandpa used to say.
The Bible says:
Be still and know I am GOD.
-Psalm 46:10
I am at a stumbling point right now with some issues I have not been dealt before.

I really am at a lost as how to handle it.
But what I do know is it will not handle me.
I will continue to rest up, take it one day at the time, and pray fervently.
Practice makes perfect.
Have a good night...
Diamond in the back, sunroof top...
I wonder if that played any part in the decision making to AirForceSix.
"Mazda6", he said to me.
My eyes began to well, my hands to shake as I held the phone to my ear.
"Mom, I got a loan."
A loan?
I reminisced back to the years past when I lived in California.
A time when this young man was no where in the airwaves of our thoughts.
A era of youthful, carefree times...
It was then that I was the entrepreneur I only wished I could be today.
Risk taker, joy maker, I was unstoppable.
Now, my 21 -to- be year old was buying his new car.
Where had the time gone?
Thinking our conversation thru one more time, I realized this was not his FIRST car.
However, this was his first loan.
Big difference.
Unlike the paid in cash trusted Camry, the Mazda now ranks somewhere between blue and money green.
There is so much to be said about doing things on your own.
About completing a task.
Last night, I came home from work earlier than usual, exhausted from a prior week of meetings and greetings, lunch and dinner dates, and lots of traveling up and down the highway.
In spite of my efforts to get in the shower and go straight to bed, I took on a task.
There is a pile of oddly colored fabrics, pinned hems, notions of all sorts and a list of things "to do" in my pantry..
I finished the list last night.
I hemmed my little black dress two inches shorter.
I ironed on my Earth Day patch to the inner right thigh of my Daddy's worn out Cloroxed, faded, wHOLY (hehehe) pardon the pun, painted jeans.
I sat faithfully for about 30 minutes on the couch while I gazed a TV and counted the stitches to a crocheted piece that needed mending.
I ironed again.
I distributed the scissors, thimbles, tape measures and straight pins, sewing needles the like neatly into the new sewing box I acquired from my Mom.
Some of the buttons belonging to my greatgrandmother Imogene.
By 10:30pm I was done.
Not only finished completed done, but fried.
But the list was complete.
I used to get tickled when Malc checked off things on his LIST.
Sometimes I would get peturbed, for I had no such list, which lent me to practically no organizational skills.
We have been put to the test today with the insurance company vs. patience, keeping in the true meaning of obedience and trusting GOD.
But I think by now, another task has been completed.
We are insured.
In this case, there may not be a "diamond in the back" so much as there is a diamond in the rough going on here.
We have three shining stars, these children of ours.
I am in Heaven with it all.
In its goals, form and equipment, shuffleboard shares various features with (and perhaps influences by or upon) many other games, including air hockey, bowls, bocce, curling, croquet, carrom and billiards.
Shuffleboard seems to be the game of the week for me.
Comparing all the similarities of these specific group of activities, to all that is currently going on in my Life, I feel a like "shuffle off to Buffalo" might be in order.
A little music and a one, two, three...
A kinda mod podge of events are being tossed around lately.
The events seem to s l i d e gently through this journey we call Life.
The players, my family and friends.
Sometimes I imagine a cool summers evening, a full bright energetic yellow MOON, hovering over the waves, waves that rock just enough to keep the rhythm of the boat with a romantic feel.
The gathering of all those loved in one place.
The perfect combination of family and friends, conversation, a cool drink with a view of the coconut tree in the distance...
I would liken air hockey to the elated feelings of joy that surround my inner most being. I feel like I am on cloud 9. The ~~~whoosh ***of feeling free.
The quickness. Complete. The precision that it takes to fly that puck across the board! is all and every bit equal to the excitement I will endure when the ink dries on my son's new car loan. Yup, a car loan. Yes, it will be a new journey. But it will develop discipline, responsibility, maturity and patience to say the least.
And like bowling, it is not always an automatic strike every time.
Bocce and croquet require skill. It can get quite interesting when players have sufficient control over the bocce ball to throw or roll it accurately. I have been blessed to have order in my Life (now). It has just been of late that I am able to control my thoughts and emotions. Like the bocce player I can roll what is thrown my way to the left or right, or which ever direction I need, to to clear the Path.
Curling, in this particular entry, will be represented as REST, and is what I (try) to do at the end of each day. Whether rolled up tightly in my down comforter, or spread out sideways on my Queen size bed, curling only requires you do it. This procedure brings oneself into a state of meditation/prayer, relaxation, peace and to a place with Your Higher Being. This isn't always easy. But with Black Eyed Pea woofing and barking a cry of love and companionship (Black Eyed Pea is Jack's stuffed counterpart. Jack is; The Dog.) things seem to fall into place in due time.
Carrom stems from way back.
When royalty was the only one who was allowed to partake in this game.
A carrom-man (also carrom man, carromman, carroman; plural -men; sometimes abbreviated c/m; and known by colloquial terms such as seed, coin, puck, or goti) is used to keep track of the score.
This brings me back to NO SEED, NO LIFE.
Make that effort to gain your momentum to move forward.
To reach your goal.
To Learn is to Earn.
The "seed" used in this game is also known as the Queen.
Sparkling red or pink in color, it is the main featured gamepiece.
I am Queen.
Kelly, you are a Queen too...
I am an Heir.
Rich in His Love.
Rooted in His Word.
I stand over the table of Life with my cue stick ready to pop that number 8 ball into its proper pocket and make the win.
A Minnesota Fats kinda approach.
After all, Life is a game.
Jesus is our Coach.
Play hard.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Elephant Fly

The rain is pouring buckets.
It is so soothing, the sound is gentle and the smell is grand!
So my mind is racing in thought.
But if I was to listen to Rusty's words of "Rest,you're thinking too much!" there wouldn't be a blog. Now don't get me wrong he knows best. I just tend to be stubborn and almost always, all over the place, all at one time.
All of that Gemini energy!!! just to say I was thinking of pallodomes, synonyms all that wordy mess.
It was traveling at light speed thru my head.
Then outta no where,I hear this Disney song.
Check it out.
And for those of you who have never read the SECRET, do so.
The Law of Attraction is deep.
I saw a peanut stand
Heard a rubber band
And seen a needle wink its eye.
But I be done seen about everything when I see an elephant fly.
I've seen a front porch swing
Heard a diamond ring
I've seen a polka dot,
A railroad tie
I saw a clothes horse rear up and buck
And they tell me that a man made a vegetable truck.
I heard a fireside chat,
I saw a baseball bat
And I just laughed till I thought I'd die
But I be done seen about everything
When I see an elephant fly.
I thought it was a "horsefly", hehehe.
DISCLAIMER: I am not at always able to manage my sugars 100% of the time, which sometimes leads me to acting silly... today, may be one of those times. Hope you could laugh!

Train up a child

Proverbs 22:6 says:
Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.
I am so grateful, so thankful to GOD and my children's Father for all provided in the raising of our three children.
Together, we have raised a talented group or "tribe" (as he would call it) of great adults. The last child becomes legal June 15th! Imagine....
Just yesterday we learned our youngest and yes, he is the baby! purchased his own brand new car! It might be new to him as opposed to a 2010, but it is his responsibility and choice.
I cannot explain the joy we experienced in learning of his achievement.
It brings me back to when I was just turning 16 years old.
I had purchased a new VW beetle for the total amount of $2364.67, cash.
The owner was more than impressed as I filed into his office with coin bag in hand. Wrapped pennies along with Kennedy half dollars contributed to the full balance due. I did finance some of it tho~ PEOPLES bank was my lender.
I owed $60.87 a month for 12 months.
I worked two jobs to pay off that bill.
That year was the longest year financially.
Dreams are never impossible.
I am so happy we taught our children to believe in themselves, to have dreams,
to believe and trust in GOD and most of all to be good at being themselves.
Only if we could have taught them not to drink from the milk carton, oh well....