Friday, December 04, 2009

$100 please

My co-worker is trying to breathe normally again.
She is actually hyperventilating as I write but I am OK with it as she has just witnessed the absolute LOVE Jesus has for us.
Let me start at the beginning.
She will forgive me for sharing her info...I'm sure.
Her car note is now due.
Money is shorter than the breaths she is taking.
Banks are not assisting me or her.
She needs $100.00 yesterday!
I tell her I will lend it to her.
I try to use every debit card I own, while insulting and assaulting every teller we came up on.
For some to the end and you will find out why.. I can't withdraw any of MY CASH!
It is all to no avail.
It is fruitless, she reminds me.
I tell her to trust God and give Him all the Praise because he is gonna work this out for her.
We have exhausted (what she thinks) every possible attempt.
We go back to work because our lunch hour was over a long time ago.
We are now late back to work, she is tired, disgusted and sure the car will now be repossessed for sure.
Now, I am sure y'all are waiting patiently for the punch line.
Here it goes:
As we round the corner to the elevator, I see 3 co workers mingling at the end of the hallway.
I,in my ChristianHeir voice of confidence and Love for the Lord say,
" WHO HAS $100.00 FOR ME"????!!!
Yes, GOD is an awesome GOD.
For the electrician reached in his pocket and gave me one new crisp one hundred dollar bill.
Now mind you, I found the electrician's Amex card in the parking lot one dark dreary rainy night but... whatever the cause, God took care of it ...again.
I blogged earlier about my then husband and his daily words to me.
Today is yours, he claimed.
yes, and thank you GOD for sharing.

A job

"I need a job", she said.
Then she retracted that statement with she had been financially secured thus far; Why did she need a job now?
Some times, in my opinion, we need to do what is in order for that season.
For GOD has a Plan which has been in line even before us.
We have no idea day to day what is to happen in our journey.
But one thing we can know, is that if we follow His Simple Plan, life can be a wondrous journey full of joy and prosperity.
Prosperity is not always (necessarily) cash flow (uh, Kris, uh, children...)
We can be rich in wisdom, and power, with that wisdom.
We can prosper and be abundant in a myriad of choices made.

My then husband gave me my daily word of wisdom today;
"FEEL GOOD ", he said, Today is yours!"
How powerful those words are.
You can have whatever you want according to Scripture.
As long as it is in God's Plan.
I am subject to believing all we ever want is in God's Plan as He did make us.
He formed us, and in His likeness too.
So tell me, if he gave us all we have inside us, don't you think He programmed us to have whatever it is He gave us?
These are our dreams.
'Our' being possessive, noun , is it?
Belonging to us, only us.
Nobody else's...
You get my drift.
So today do what is yours.
Feel what is yours.
Take what is yours.
Be what is yours.
Allow yours to make you content.
Cause yours IS yours!
So if you need a job, get one.
If you don't, live without one.
But whatever you do, do it for you ...
and GOD.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


It has been some time since I sat down to write.
I have missed writing about everything and anything.
I really didn't realize how many folks follow the blog.
Thank you.
Well today might not be the best day to come back to the drawing board as it is a real full MOON.
Not as in, a fake one, but a really large MOON.
I love the beauty of a large MOON.
Especially driving down the Parkway.
The hills are long and narrow and the MOON itself seems to follow you as you drive.
When it is low and orange it seems like you can touch it.
I love the MOON.
Folks always call me when the MOON is full.
Reminding me that the MOON is full and its beauty covers the sky.
Like I am not directly affected by its phases.
I don't mean to sound condescending, I am just really affected by Nature itself.
I tend to withdraw during the full MOON ...coming out of my blossom and into a flower as it wanes and waxes.
Now is a good time to soothe me.
Now is a good time to talk.
Now is when I am most intimate in my conversations.
Everything seems to have more meaning.
I am able to understand and have more patience.
But I find others can be difficult at this time.
Their energy volatile.
Such is my friend today.
So I will sit back and breathe deep and accept whatever comes my way tonite.
I will smile and be friendly to all.
I will be attitude free.
I will not be affected by whatevers.
I will be pleasing as GOD has taught me so well.
That is why I call it "SUPPORT".
Enjoy the MOON.
Howl~ uh, Holla.