Wednesday, November 25, 2009


The traffic was more than crazy on I-95 going south.
We were ready for it tho~
All day the thruway was congested.
First there was an overturned truck and then holiday traffic.
But we were prepared as we rode high in the truck, gazing at the folks we passed.
I like sitting high in the truck.
I feel" bigger "than all the other folks.
We sat and listened to a CD, talked about our plans for turkey Day,
shared thoughts about what we are thankful for...
Wondered what the difference is between being thankful and grateful?
Then it started...
What if?
What if we could go back a few years?
What if we had the power to change folks?
What if we had money?
What if there were no disease?
We played "what if" for an hour.
We drove in and out of the third lane, slowed down for the blinking cop car lights and stood at a standstill while on the bridge.
"What if', we remarked to one another.
It turned into a game.
What if we hadn't laughed at the things that came to mind?
Would we be playing road rage?
Happy Thanksgiving folks,
What if the Pilgrims killed a donkey for Thanksgiving dinner.
Be nice.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Driving in the dark

Ok fellas. I am really tired of this restriction.
I have been asked at my job to order a menorah.
I can't even go to a decent site to order a pretty blue and gold one I saw on the openinng page for all of 15 seconds.
Then it went blue... BARRACUDA'd.
What's a gurl to do?
How can I possibly allow the entryway to my office to be bare and unbalanced?
There is an awesome floor to ceiling window, a showcase, and a revolving overhead lighting system that I could change the bulbs and have it any color I wished!
How can one restrict me from going online to order such festive attire?
Kwanza, Christmas, what am I to do?!!!
I'm no good right now.
I got to find a way to the menorah store or else!
Then to top it off I used to be able to "see" my blog on 2040's site.
Not no more.
I am driving in the dark here so if the spelling is off, forgive me and improvise.
hey, it could be worse.
If I don't get to talk with you tomorrow, HAPPY THANKSGIVING.
Wish you all could drop by for a bite to eat.
So wherever you are, be thankful.
Listen to some great music, cuddle up with a fresh turkey leg
...or get fresh with your turkey's (sweetheart's) leg,or both!!! hehehe.
Be thankful every day.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Time to pray

I just finished a 5 day tour at the hospital and now I hear a co worker's sister is in the hospital for the same nonsense.
I will have to make this entry short as I have to venture off to the Sanctuary for a few.
Please include your prayers for those folks we don't even know.
PRAISE confuses the devil.
On a happier note...
We are all phoned up and ready to go.
Back in service.
I thought I had something I waas gonna share and now I am at a loss for the words.
Gettin' old.