Friday, May 15, 2009

Other spots of interest

Forgive me, I am new at this....
I am not sure of blogging ettiquette, but I like this guys writing!
Most interesting.
Take a visit.


Today's Word is INTEREST!
Yup, I'm jumping off into the center of it all.

The word interest has always intrigued me.
It has such a variety of meanings.
Curiosity; right to a share; fee for the loan of money; money made on a loan, (hehehhe);
To hold one's attention.

Last night, while my support and I were having our Thursday night Chicken Parm/glass of white wine at the watering hole, I was greeted by an old teacher of ours.
(Wait. He isn't old, we have just known him for a very long time).
He immediately asked about our son Malcolm.
He stated that when the innaugaration took place, his first thought was Malcolm!
While cheering on Malc's accomplishments, his grand smile lights up the room.
We reminesce about Kristopher and Kelly while the guests listen closely.
I thought to myself, "Wow, what an interest he has taken in our children".
My heart fluttered like a butterfly on a warm spring day.
Thank you GOD for the folks in my Life who show interest.
For it just might be those very people who remind me of all I have interest in.
Sometimes it takes a good dusting of the shelf to remember the prized possessions that grace the china cabinet.
ooops! I can feel Dad cringing at my abstract ways.
He never quite understood my metaphors.
Thank you for the interests we have, in the things we do, in the places we go.
Thank you for the return.
Thank you that we reciprocate.

I got a beautiful Mother's Day card today (the Post Office is slow, real slow) which said, simply, "Thank you".
However, the tears are still streaming down my face.
You can tell there was such interest put into finding this card!
It is filled with sentiment.
and I, have received it with Love.... thank you!

Today when you find interest in something, do it with grandeur.

Happy Friday.
Have a great weekend!
and thank you....

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Planting the Seed

I usually don't even take part in New Year's Resolutions. I can barely stay in line and focus on what is already taking place in my Life, no less set up a new plan. But this year, I did something different. I thought coming up with a saying to live by would be nice.
Thus, NO SEED, NO LIFE was created. I have had mixed review with this idea. Sometimes I believe its because while reading, it can give one impression, HEARING it said gives another. There is a comma between it all. The delvery is as such: If you don't have a seed, there will be no plant! Which applies to everything. Which brings me to the whole reason for this entry. I haven't (really) planted any seeds yet! It is almost halfway thru the year and I haven't much to show. But apparently, it had a positive impact on our grandson Eric, because he mailed me a beautiful artists rendition of my words. He too, like our three children is an artist. He drew a wonderful picture of a flowering plant his Mom grew from a rooting I gave her. It is a simple drawing, yet it is filled with and abundance of Love and has a very positive direction behind it. It has given me hope.
Those ideas and dreams might float somewhere on uncharted waters, but they do exist.
I am setting sail to find them.
Batten the hatches, matey! ARRRGH.
Today, the letter is H.
The Word is HARVEST.
Plant your seed.


What do you think makes the incredible softness of rain?
The clarity of a single drop?
The sound of rain pitter patting on a tin roof?
The roar of thunder?
The heaviness that pours from the skies above.
Like buckets, filled with passion.
The smell of dew?
The feel of the cold and wet laced upon your body;
from just a short trip from the car to the door.
The touch?
Yes, it's the touch of wind mixed with rain.
The wisp of rain that grazes your hair, rolls gently above your brow and lingers to each individual eyelash.
That is when I feel as if GOD's Mightiness has touched me.
That makes me think of the softness of rain.
My body stripped of everything.
Bare, in harmony with His tenderness.
As I savor the intense smell of the rain today, all my senses are peaked.
It brings a calmness to my body.
An overall relaxation.
This place of comfort, this breath of fresh air reminds me of LOVE.
Its pureness and simplicity cover me like a soft baby blue security blanket.
It rolls me up tenderly into another space and time.
A hug so tight it is hard to breathe.
This smell distinct, pure; it captures my mind.
The rain is so soft.
This moment so beautiful.
The rain is indeed, my friend.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


"Holy smokes! I'm lost for words today".

Good morning/ It's after noon now!,
As usual, this morning I woke up ready to dive into my morning prayer when I realized I had not made provisions last night for today's entry.
I was immediately out of kilter, out of sequence, out of control when GOD whispered gently to my Spirit to remember what I so comfortably wrote about yesterday.
It was then I fell hostage to guilt and realized I would just need a little extra time praying this morning.
With an innocuous, but from the-Garden-snake -like slither, I found my way down the side of my queen sized bed to the floor.
My breathing shallow, my heart sincere.
The "How I wanted GOD to know I hadn't forgotten HE is in control" prayer began.
Immediately, the words to write came to mind.
(Thank you, GOD).

EXPLANATIONS: is what I want to speak about.
It is just of late that I have learned to listen.
Somewhere in my Life's transition I decided to stop talking and hear what the world had to say.
(I guess that is where some of my wisdom was aquired).
But for the last few weeks, I have been at everyone's beckon call.
I have resumed talking.
It seems everywhere I go, I've had to clarify, justify, explain, exhort, expand, extract and in a
most expedient manner.
This has been exhausting!
It takes an undivided mind, a clear view of the situation as well as the subject you are addressing,
(Both the (person) subject and the subject matter!) and a great listening ear.
I am grateful to GOD for being His vessel.
I am not sure I always have the clearest nor concise answer, but I try.
I have been blessed to be able to cover all the bases needed to be covered.
It has truly been an experience when I think about it.
I have heard them and they are responsive to me.
I love the way GOD allows me to learn.
Now if I could just get paid.

The Word for the day is GIVE.

Webster defines it as as follows: give vi.,vt. to contribute; impart; to yield to pressure.

Big blessings to ya'.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mr . President Elect 2040 says Beth is a mutant.
I found that to be most interesting as my boys, Kristopher and Malcolm are Superheroes.
Super- the -man and BATMAN respectively.
Each comes with a bold adventure.
At times, daily.
Superman, mild mannered and living out of the telephone boo...oops, I'm always leary of speaking about them, as I tend to (almost) give them away!
Well, he is quiet and not as "superhero-ed" as BATMAN can be.
BATMAN will be purchasing his new SUV soon.
I 'd imagine it to be silver in color with plenty of lights graced around its body.
Super the man flies so there is no need for a vehicle.
But constantly changing from mild mannered daper Clark Kent to "da man" keeps Superman currently fashioned.
I love my boys.
Especially that they are able save the planet, one superhero at a time.
So Beth, have no worries about "time- stopping".
Your friends are out crime stopping.
Today's blog may have to come with a disclaimer.

I am not sure if I should write this passage because of the fact one cannot hear my words.

There is passion in my voice, tears in my eyes and hope in my heart while I compose this piece.
I write it with pure love as my ink.
On a tablet of linen paper misted lightly with the fragrance of lavender.
To those who cannot understand what I wish to convey;
I ask GOD to relay this message kindly, gently and with the promise of His Comfort.
This message tightly interwoven into a tapestry of rich and colorful information; of beauty, by HIS Design.
I ask these things in Jesus' Name, for He, is.

Sometimes, as much as we want to, we can not change the Plans of GOD.
Even in the fact that we are a loving people; we would die for our children, our parents, our spouse, we still can not change certain situations.
In all that we do from day to day it is important to practice remembering and never forget:
HE is in charge, aware, in tune, impartial, beneficent, kind.
Sometimes things happen that we are no way in agreement with.
Sometimes things happen that we feel as painful experiences.
But, when we realize GOD is in control, those painful and discouraging moments can quickly be perceived differently.
Upon the loosening of any harness which we have become entagled in, GOD will show us peace and prosperity. Prosperity is defined as affluence or well-being. It doesn't have to always translate to money. We can prosper by just knowing. Knowledge is the key.
Do not carry the burden of someone else's labor (or lack therof!).
What you may interpret as a wrong, negative or a seemingly dissruptive situation, might well be; for your lifestyle.
But it may be just that salient force needed for someone else.
When we are pushed off the diving board, chances are we learn to swim quicker than any proposed lesson.
There might be a proverbial expression I can equate with this entry.
"Nothing ventured, nothing gained" may be appropiate.
For all parties there is always a lesson.
For those who seek help and those who give help; Do it cautiously.
Put GOD first in all your endeavors.
But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. -Matt 6:33

I had the pleasure of mixing with my children individually over the last few days.
They are, indeed, three different children.
But what I love about each of them is their individuality.
Their expressions, their attitude, their opinion, their love, their ideas.

We spoke of giving.
We spoke of receiving.
We spoke of the recepient of the giving.
We discussed the difference in the three.

Sometimes our good giving can be badly taken.
Sometimes our giving can be taking away.
It can often rob us.

I heard somewhere,
"We must be willing to get rid of the life we've planned
so as to have the life that is waiting for us."

GOD has a Plan , and we are part of it.

Yesteday's Word was ENCOURAGED.
Stay encouraged.
Today the word is FAITH, FAMILY AND FUTURE.
May GOD embolden you to the power of these words...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Moon walks

I miss not blogging over the weekends.
My computer lies comfortably in the hands of my geek.
Some folks have attorneys, accountants, gardeners... I have a computer geek.
My laptop needs fixin'.
But in the meantime, so many thoughts have crossed my mind.
So I guess I will take advantage of the computer at work.
I guess it's the big MOON in the sky thats got me.
I sat quietly on my porch gazing the other night.
Wondering just who lives in that big ol' moon.
It's power so fierce, something or someone has to be navigating all that energy.
(Oh, yeah, duh, GOD.)
But you know what I mean.
Whatever the reason, I noticed its effect on many a soul this week.
My boys, uh, second set of boys, granbabies, grandchildren, little men, were off the hook!
So, as a way to relax, I am going to take my daughter for a journey into the city.
I am so grateful to GOD I am over those days.
Really not over those days just passed thru that segment with my own boys.
I still love the MOON tho~.
Even if this time around the effect of the moon reaked tremendous havoc on my health as well as my emotions.
I thought, for a moment there, I was on some kind of roller coster ride.
Stomach churning, tears flowing, joy and saddness; all at the same time!
Things have calmed down since.
I still love to sit on my poirch real late at night and listen to the calm.
Sometimes I can hear the water from the Long Island sound.
I know I can smell the breeze.
Isn't it wonderful how our senses work?
Have you ever heard a song, smelled a fragrance, seen a certain photographic moment and it take you right back to the original scene?
Take you right back to the depth it came from?
I like when that happens.
Oh! Isn't life grand?!?!!

Post Mother's Day

"Well hope you are having a better day than I am.
Feeling down and somewhat neglected by my kids."- emailed from one of my gurls.


Good morning!!!
Praise GOD because He is a LIVING GOD! who loves us and keeps us, amen.
(Hopefully the lot of you reading this blog have accepted Jesus into your Life; and if not, I invite you to do so. Romans 10:9...)
My son always uses the phrase "I digress"; I use "...for those of you who know me."
For those of you who know me, you are fully aware of my concerns for holiday treatment.
You know how I detest the commercialism, the phony attempts, the chaos, etc...
On the drive in, I prayed about what I would write today in this blog.
I promised myself I would not start Monday morning off bad mouthin' Mother's Day!
Hmmmm... altho it was a mutha of a day... I won't get into it.
(please don't get me wrong, it was a fabulous weekend, thank you for all the gifts, time, love etc!).
And I am still feeling the wave of blessings received just of being a Mom.
I think back to the highlights of the weekend and brush back the tears of joy for all my blessings, too numerous to mention them all.
But, I digress.
I opened my email this morning to the excerpt above.
My gurl must not have realized our children are grown, married and/or independent, busy with their own, tired or just utilizing the holiday to their own design, or possibly, just lazy.
There are no more gifts from the drugstore from Dads, no more breakfast in bed,no more sloppily glued cards and school projects.
But what there is, is an extreme amount of LOVE, peace, joy, accomplishment and completion.
There is an newness to our position as Mothers.
The baton passed on.
We are now our Mothers, who have been their Mothers.
We have grown to love and respect and to be loved and respected.
One of the most endearing moments of this weekend was speaking to my childrens' grandmothers. I listened to their words with intensity. I cried at the sound of their voice. I wondered if I would be the same Nonnie or Grandma when and if, I reached their age. I marvelled at the women they are. Who they have become and how they deal. Both of them recently losing their spouses of a great many years. I thanked GOD again for the knowledge they have shared with me, for the love they give me and for the fact that I STILL have them in my Life.
I want my gurl to realize there is more to Mother's Day than the hype reveals. It goes way deeper.
I ask GOD to transcend all the necessary information to my gurl and anyone else who needs to know that yesterday was a marked calendar day. That God knows our every move and has a Plan for each of us.
That Mother's Day is every day.
That Dads are special.
and that Love never fails.
Today,the Word for the day starts with the letter E.
Be encouraged today.
Encouraged to do.
Much love to you forever as always.