Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Quotes of the Day

God is a Master tailor and He knows what suits us best.
-2040, from Thoughts of THE HOLY SPIRIT...

-Heard sung to the favorite Christmas tune, LET IT SNOW.

If we fail to learn our mistakes, we are doomed to repeat them.
*Was it really a mistake? And what did you learn?

What is time?
A measure. A minute. A moment. A Decision. A Lifetime.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Pray for me

Goodmorning Folks,
Back on the battle field.
I need order in my Sanctuary.
The Enemy thinks he is has arrived and has control.
If you know how to pray please pray for me.
If you have no idea what to ask God, the Universe, Spirit, or Creator, I will tell you what to say.
First, please give God the Glory in this situation (really, we should do it all the time).
Second, pray in Jesus' name please.
Third, Praise Him for Him giving us the chance to come forward to Him, for His listening ear and His kindness, understanding, Wisdom, power and Love.
Fourth, please ask Him to help me to hear, see and realize where I am in my Life; Please thank Him for the fact that He has my back if I just continue to move forward.
Thank the Holy Spirit for guiding me.
Then be in agreement for whatever God has for me I will appreciate, obey and give thanksgiving for.
Thank Him that you are here reading this and will add your affirmations so I can get to the other side of these tremulous times!
I am sure this is no more than what He has in His Mighty Plan for me.
Later down the line I will be writing about how tremendous a God He is and how He brought me thru it all...again.
I will be sure tho thank Him for your words, thoughts, love Faith and friendships.
Be still and know that He is God.