Thursday, July 02, 2009

I Am

How does a blogger get so many "reactions"???
Copy and Paste, 2040!

I am somewhere between going up and coming down.
In these last few days I have experienced so much.
From valued friendships to Faith to determining what is and isn't, to Trust to Honor and back again it seems.
But now that the dust is settling, I just want to remind everyone a very simple but powerful thought.
(Someone shares this with me often...God bless them I have it in my brain!)
Those things we cannot understand, reason or change are for the best.
Because if we could understand, reason or change guaranteed, we would mess it up.
The Journey is a road to travel.
(Look at how far we have come)
Jesus is Our Bridge.
and we are Blessed to know this.
What if we didn't have this knowledge?
Rejoice in the Wonderful things HE has prepared for you today.
Your Strengths, Awareness, Confidence, Courage and YOURSELF.
For YOU are good.
Eat that BBQ folks and have fun dancing to the music.
BIG LOVE to ya!.


You're braver than you believe,
and stronger than you seem,
and smarter than you think.
- Christopher Robin to Pooh
Happy 4th of July!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Prayers are powerful!

I'm assuming your mother fell dancing the Fandango on the kitchen table, and I'm sure you've warned her in the past not to do that. But it's a fun dance, so go easy on her.

Dear Heavenly Father,
It is your endless love that gives me courage to endure far beyond what I think I am capable of. My faith in you has never faltered, so I once again beg you to bless those in need, those less fortunate, the elderly and as always, family and loved ones. It is by your hand that healing will flourish. Lift up my spirit as I await the results of mom's surgery.
Keep her safe in your care, always. Amen.

I am saying my prayers for her now.
I am saying a prayer for you too, that He will give you the strength you need to make it through this day.
I am praying for all your family members who's minds are now filled with doubts and concern.
I am asking GOD to fill your hearts and put your trust and faith in Him.

I will send in a special message today in my daily prayers that He will work it out.
Be prayerful and stay strong.

Oh! Sorry to hear of mom's fall. I will be praying for her and you.

OF COURSE – I PRAY – that God will be with her!!!!

My prayers are with you and your Mom. My Mom fell and broke her hip when she was 91 and God love her she is doing pretty good for a 94 year old.

Energy sent.....hope it helps.
Good luck with your mom,, my hat's off.
Let me know how she makes out...


Can I just close my eyes real tight and wish really hard that she is ok and comes through the surgery? You know that the two of you are in my thoughts.

I am praying for your mom. I trust her surgery & healing will go well. So sorry to hear she had fallen. God bless her as she has had a nice life. (91 !)
We trust in our Heavenly Father.

For those of you who know me,
GOD comes first and FRIENDSHIP is right behind.
Thank you all for your wonderful support!

The Race

I hesitated to even write this blog today.
I 'm losing weight, patience and control so my mood is not too inviting.

It's raining and altho I love the rain, today I am looking more towards the stars.
I just finished speaking with my daughter and her words of encouragement enlightened me.
It is hard to believe she can understand adult stuff even if she is 30 years old.

As I daydream in the Lobby I hear the softness of the rain.
There is a circle in the front of the building which reminds me of a track on a high school field.
Under my feet I feel a roughness.
As I shift in my chair it feels like there is gravel in my sneaker; altho I sport 3 inch heels today.
I smell the wetness of the grass, the sun beaming down after a short rainstorm.
I look to the hills (from whence my Help comes) the clouds rich and fluffy gently move against the light blue sky.
It is there I see my children all lined up, dressed in their runner's shorts, waiting patiently as I stand amidst them.
The grandstands filled with spectators ready to cheer me on like herald angels.
There is tension in the air.
The feeling of competition.
The gun goes off.
My feet are planted firmly.
My mind says to run, run as fast as you can.
My body doesn't respond.
My Spirit says, "Duracell, shine as bright a Light as you can possibly emit."
My children scream with fear, but might.
They edge me on while CoachDad yells, arms aimlessly flying, swatting the air.
He yells to me repeatedly.
Listing each and every one of my accomplishments both current and past.
"You can do it!!!" he confirms.
My hands, listless.
The baton itself swings back and forth from nervous energy.
I cannot move.

I wonder what Jesus would have done.

I know scripture.
I know The Word.
My famous words to my grandkids are to Listen and Obey.
My all time favorite mantra is :
Please Lord,
Help me to do what I need to do,
to get where I need to go.

Why, now the hesitation?

I've written about responsibility, accountability, UB's, UT's, His unconditional Love.
I been a leader for all my Life.
Now is the time to rise up and become diligent in my prayer life.

My Mom goes into surgery today.
My Dad has been passed for 4 1/2 months.
My Mom misses him.

I am not sure what to pray to be honest with you.
I know to pray for God's Will.
I know to thank Him in advance for everything.
I know to be happy with the outcome of it all because He is GOD.
His Plan, Perfect.
His Timing impeccable.
His Love, Unconditional.

But I am at a loss.
Maybe that is what I should pray for, a FIND.

Today I thank God in Jesus Name for so much He has blessed me with.
This blog, especially.
When I am done I will go to the Sanctuary.
I will give testimony of Our Heavenly Father's Grace and Mercy with this situation tomorrow.

In the meantime....
The crowd roars, I run forward confidently, and a new record is set!

AS OF 7/01/09 3PM EST.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The house that built Malc

This is the house,
where we send the check,
to cover the cost,
to take the class,
that educates Malc...
(to make him Prez)
in the state
of M a s s achusetts.
This is the house
that built Malc!
(Thank you GOD.)
Vote Pradia 2040

Everybody loves somebody...

Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation;
and uphold me with thy free spirit. -Psalm 51:12

I walked into work this morning to the voice of our Facilities guy singing loudly, those famous words: "Everybody loves somebody sometimes".
I smiled and ceased walking, gently leaning into the corner of the doorway, mesmerized.
Dean Martin sang that song; Frank Sinatra also attempted to make it a hit.
But the way Joe sang it was beyond the two of them to me.
Maybe it was the timing of it all...
You know how someone can say something and another person say the same thing but it just, **CLICKS**???!!!
So,it clicked for me.
The thought of everyone loving someone else just resonated around the Universe to me.
Even if someone only loved just one person, wow.

I love my Mom.

Geez, I can't stand that you can' t hear me!

Maybe I should say, today, my mom is my LOVE of choice.
She broke her leg yesterday; while she was loving her plants.
I saw her this morning at the hospital.
She held my hand and gazed at me with question in her eyes.
I think I caught her at the point of "initial wake up".
That's when you have no idea where you are especially when you are first awakened.
Kinda like a brown out.
But she smiled at me, reached, and held my hand.
Touch is amazing.
There is a kind of rhythm to "touching".
Words are translated thru touch, in my opinion..
Emotions are effected by touch.
LOVE, anger, fear, passion, clarity, renewal, release, a calmness to name a few, can be a reflection of touching someone.
It can be a confirmation of sorts.
My daughter says my hands have a healing touch.
It felt that way to me this morning when my Mom held my hand.
Like she was healing me.
I got the chance to pray with Mommy this morning.
I got to thank GOD for His healing hand, His Touch.
I got to ask Him to bless those folks who are continually blessing me with their encouraging thoughts, words, and prayers.
Ideally, their touch.
Jesus is our Healer, Our Physician, Our Rock, Rose of Sharon, Provider, Lawyer and our everything, everywhere, all the time.
I am so grateful to God (today).
So grateful for those folks He has placed in my journey.
It touches my heart....

Monday, June 29, 2009

On Beneded Knee

Just for the record:

Have a great night everyone.


One of the many chefs finally get to eat!

I didn't rain this weekend; first time in 20 or more days; so I guess it is safe or at least reason enough to say that is why I cried all weekend long.
I needed to replenish, I'll say.
To replenish the Earth or myself;
I am not sure.
But I do know that as constant as my walk with Jesus is, stuff still happens...stuff to make you cry, stuff to make you wonder, stuff to ease your pain, to touch your Spirit, stuff to clear your mind, to fill your void, to realize, and no matter what stuff took place in the past, loved ones will be missed.
I do think this happens because we need to be reminded where we are and how far we have come is why we are being tested to stand in Faith and Trust.
If ya' gets too comfortable; God will wake yo' booty up.
Tears help to remind you what you are crying for.
Such as clarity, freedom, wisdom, frustration, joy, heartbreak, happiness or just a plain ol' general cleansing.
But whatever your (personal) reason for tears, it is always good to know we all stand a perfect chance with God coming thru and cleaning up our mess, fixing our boo boos and Comforting our Spirit.
I do believe that joy comes in the morning,
that today is just what it is; TODAY.
That tears allow you to cleanse and then replenish your Spirit.
But for those of you who know me,
It is what it is.
I digress.

I couldn't have had a better time if I had planned it myself.
We did our traditional musician-fest and have now added celebrating for the graduating class of 2009. We partied (literally) til the cows came home (they have horses too) as we spent the day lounging on acreage that was truly indicative of God's Country. We ate the traditional hot dogs and hamburgers, all kind of salads and beans, real BBQ and once again this year, they roasted a pig.
We fought for the crispy seasoned skin of this pig, like little 8 year old boys!
We had a to -diet- for cheesecake; four tiers of fruits and cream, a fountain of drinks from a flowing ice- chipped cascade. There was every Italian dish imaginable, rice dishes and steamed vegetables at a BBQ!
We swam; DANG! those 18 year old bodies killed me! geez Louise, and I even started going to the gym! We played boccie ball, horseshoes, badminton, board games and danced to the sounds of some of the best known musicians I have heard in a very long time. I especially cried at the dedication of ballads sang in the memory of my Dad. Songs like Tenderly, April In Paris, Misty, Someone to Watch Over Me and my all time fav, Grover Washington's Winelight. Billy Joel's Don't Go Changing brought out all the harmony and with a superb rendition of Lou Rawls', You'll Never Find,
I was done.
Cried thru all of that too which isn't hard for me these days.
Maybe because they are not sad tears; just tears.
But today is a new day.
This [is] the day [which] the LORD hath made;
we will rejoice and be glad in it.
-Psalm 118:24

I will be glad and rejoice in thee:

I will sing praise to thy name, O thou most High.
-Psalm 9:2

For the joy of the LORD is your strength.