Friday, October 01, 2010

Several posts

There are several posts for October 1st..
I'm so far behind....

Happy Birthday Nonnie!

It's my Mother-In -Law's birthday.
Yes, I said it.
My "then" husband's mamma.

She is one of my favorite people.
She was (is) married to my late Father in law, Norman.
Just like my (another) Daddy that Norman!...a very wonderful man.

Today she is a year older than last year and we are still late with the birthday cards
but I love her...we all love her..she's NONNIE!

So for every raindrop that fell today Nonnie, is another well wish to you.
We got over 3 inches... I do believe.

Love you Non.

October 1st

Hey ya'll,
Sorry to have so long getting back to the blogspot.
Lots has been going on at my ranch.
But nothing God can't take care of...

I have several topics to cover.
Green Day for Wanda, CAP Homeworkin', Jesus is Waching you, and Rain.
That's just for starters.

The rain is intense here today.
The droplets are full and silvery.
I told my partner, each time the rain hits him, know its a kiss from me this morning.
He stayed in at work all day.
Oh well.

I got lots done today.
I was surfing thru the clouds, soaking up the grey skies.
Today reminds me of a Jimi Hendrix day!
Listening to his tunes just fits so nicely with the day.
The Wind Cries Mary huh?
Or Earth Blues?
Two Ships...?
Kinda romantic this weather we're having.

But I digress.
Hmmmm. That would be the Prez's saying...
How is the President 2040 doing?

So anywho.

I'm doing homework last night with Tyler.
Ked bails out at the constant sound of the short vowel A.
I pick up where she left off and she makes hamburgers for us all.
Words ending in "ap".
Cap Nap Slap.
Yup, in that order.
By the time we was done we was all knocked out.
Bathtime. Bedtime.

Wanda has all green on.
Some great shades melted in to some pearly silky materials.
She a warm shade of chocolate brown with gorgeous skin and a wonderful smile that greets you with love.
She's bubbly and wise.
I wanted to just touch her all over but I thought that might have been inappropriate, at work... Hehhehe.
Wanda has a way of transmitting joy thruout the room no matter what color she has on.
She has become a treasured staple to my friendship pantry.
Nice to know Wanda.

Now to discuss Jesus and Him watching us...
Never, I repeat, never, loose your religion.
(As my Daddy would say)
I'll tell you why tomorrow.
Have a good night and know you are loved.