Friday, September 17, 2010

Down and Dirty

Lately, maybe for the last few months, my road has been travelled hard.
It seems the journey I have taken might have been taken on unchartered soil.
The road was somewhat bumpy and dark.
The curves in the road came up on me too quickly; causing me to swerve and hit a pothole nearly causing me a blowout in Life.
But I am fortunate to have BIG Angels looking after me.
Folks keeping me in prayer, lifting me up, encouraging me.

I blogged about Success the other day.
I thought about POSITIVITY.
How it is important to stay positive in this Life.

In the midst of my tears I asked GOD for direction, for clarity.
He is always so Immediate in my trials.
He always brings something or someone to me for Comfort.

My daughter was in such need the other day.
Nothing, seemed to be in any kind of order for her.
I longed for the same Peace God has shown me to shine her way.
In my most humorous voice I said to her,

"It might smell like sh*t, but it is only brown dirt."

Her eyes took to the sky and her mind wandered.
She came back to me with the following:
Dirt and soil are different.
The brown dirt could really be the fertilizer one creates.
Compost is made by adding garbage together to get some of the most purest soils.
Good soil makes things grow with fullness.
This brown dirt just might be what one needs to bring the calm and settle the fears.
(Hence, thinking you might have steeped in doo~doo)

Stand strong, be positive and remember,
The dirt you stand in today may be the soil in the garden you pick from, tomorrow.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.
~Henry Thoreau
What a statement Mr. Thoreau has made!
When you are doing what is in order and in line it seems the rest will fall in place.
No matter what you are applying it to it seems to be true.
Whether you are reaching out and trusting God Almighty, listening to the words of the
Dalai Lama, or applying the Secret or the Law of Attraction, you gotta' be busy and not just on the sidelines nodding.
If yours dreams are in motion and you are striving for your goal you are too busy to be negative and therefore only positivity will come into play.
Just like love...
As long as you are striving to do for your loved ones and not centered around yourself, only good will appear out of any situation given.
Remember all the times you "gave" of yourself and felt no strain in doing so?
It was the giving approach, the reaching out from the bottom of your heart that made you feel so good.
So when it was your turn to be down, ( yes we have struggles and trials) WHOA! Here comes God (in my case) to deliver you.
There He is as your Provider, your Teacher, your Healer...
He sends the most unlikely things before your Path, reminding you He is is control.
Giving you the richest Comfort, direction , peace , clarity and wisdom...All in one Divine hug.
He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

My prayer today is that I will be still enough to receive God's blessings for me so that I may be successful in His works.
May you also enjoy the Promises of God; The success of your journey.
I pray this in Jesus' Name... because I can.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I had a great morning and got lots of work done so far today.
The new position gives me a lot to look forward to.

I am late on this entry.
Sorry if any of you are daily readers and have checked the site earlier today only to find a blank canvas.

On my way in this morning I had the pleasure of catching my morning radio show.
Yolanda Adams preaches her Points iof Power and they are always on point!
It is times like this that I really need to keep the Word in my heart.
Most of my spare time is spent praying for many friends and a numerous amount of sicker folks altho I claim them healed, healthy and whole some have not made that manifestation in their Journey yet.
I am sure it is to come; My prayers are good.

This morning was particularly important to me.
She spoke from Matthew chapter 5.
The Beautides I do beleive.
The message was quite powerful but still most soothing for me.
It spoke about how we are so blessed even when we are struggling and have adversity.
You see, it is in those times that we reach the farthest.
Those are the times we wake up and get rid of the outside interferences and settle down to face Self.
Do that Internal Audit thing I was talking about in the last post.
Checking in with the Higher Power and letting it take care of whatever is needed to be fixed.
Its hard to do that sometimes.
We feel the need to or think we can do it ourselves, but we can not.
This is when we go deepest into the center of it all.
Adversity can make one become most patient.
Struggle can be blessings.
Because once you make it thru the trials of today, the next event will be easier.
Your strength increased and your Faith new and improved.
Enjoy the day and do realx and let GO and let GOD.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lunch Talk

I have just returned from the New Leaf Cafe at work.
I was not certain what I felt like consuming today but I knew it had to be healthy.
With the regimine I am on now I need to check all four corners of my map so to speak.
What good is a healthy meal if you go to sleep on it.
So now that I am mastering crunches and walking...yup walking again!...
I need to eat properly.
I want to be able to not take insulin any more.
That is probably a little farther off than I know but I can dream, right?
So I am in the line and I hear folks counting carbs and checking out the grilled chicken vs the salmon.
I am not really a fish lover.
But I overheard one coworker say "moderation."
I started to think.
For those of you who know me, I am a thinker.
(Sometimes a good thing, sometimes bad.)
But, I digress.
So now I have a new course, main course, hehe that was a funny folks! to add to my list.
Stay healthy.
The Christian Heir

January28th 2010

I posted a great piece from Rick Warren on January 28th 2010.
Please go back to that day and review that post as I can not copy and paste for some reason.
It is more than encouraging!

Time for my lunch!
Gonna eat something real healthy today.
I've lost 7 lbs!
Got to keep up the good work!

Yesterday today and forever

Yesterday's post was lost.

But that was yesterday.
and that was a simple posting.

Today is now.
Enjoy it.

See you tomorrow.

Where I like to be

Today I woke up wondering if I opened my eyes and blinked them three times if I could be somewhere other than under my down comforter.
I blinked three times and all I got was dizzy.
Even thru the soothing hot shower I still was pondering why I had that thought.
Why would I need to be somewhere else?
Now I was thinking; Why would I want to be any where else?

Here, all the sudden was fine.
Here, if I was to be real, was GREAT!

No where else could I have the things that are taking place in my Life as they are today.
Somewhere else would be totally new and uncharted.
I would have new problems and new folks who I'd have to get to know and love and that takes time...
I wouldn't be able to go to my favorite place without coming back to here, hehe...
I wouldn't do the things that make me happiest here and now.
I would be taking a risk that this new place could offer me good music and great food.
I would leave behind my' money yippee! and I would be taking the easy way out. Out of this Internal Audit.
Going somewhere else would not give me time to check myself here and where I stand now.

I have made several mistakes in my past before.
I have made mistakes in this Journey ~we all have.
But this time the mistake I seem to have made is not clear to me.
So it is imperitive I stay on this ground where I am and find the treasure I am seeking.
It is important to find Peace and Understanding.
It is my place and duty to not let Satan or anyone else rob me of my joy.
It is my job to figure out what needs to be fixed.
All things are possible to those who wait on the Lord.
(That's a combination quote from two great folks who have come into my Journey/Life.)
So I guess I will stay in the place I am.
In my heart, in my Spirit and my soul and just redecorate.
Clean house so to speak.
Get rid of the excess.
Keep the good.
Polish up those stored treasures.
Release those emotions that hurt me, hold me back and keep me from going forward.
Trust God.
Weep if I need to.
Cause I won't let the devil think its cause he has me down.
I haven't forgotten my title...
The Christian Heir.
I have Promises that need to be kept.
And since God is a Faithful God, I trust His decisions.
His decision to answer my prayers.
To lend me His Promises.
My answer my questions, my concerns.
Fix me, Dear God so I can be a great testiment of Your Love.

Have a great day folks and stay where you are...
Just make sure your place is in order.