Friday, January 15, 2010

new inventions

I am gonna be rich.
Last night I yell to my grandson, who is so comfortably propped up on the day bed watching TV, eating chips and laughing heartily.
"Eric" , I say, why is there garbage in the bathroom?
Well, how stupid a question was that Grandma Mimi?
Having been the Christian Heir for some time now, my patience as well as my knowledge of all things should be impeccable.
As I rambled on about the garbage needing to be emptied by him daily the lilt in my voice disappeared and the by the time I was done the voice had gone down at least one octave.
This morning I woke up and proceeded on my way into the bathroom I noticed the trash was overflowed.
4 pm EST.
Eric,why is there garbage in the bathroom?
It is your job to empty the trash.
Did you think I was just randomly mentioning some FUN FACTS to you when I TOLD you the trash was full last night?
"YEAH", he replies.
Excuse me?
****The correct answer here was, "Yes, Mimi".******
I have the rights to a new product now.
You may download this application at a mere introductory low price of $29.99.
It will snatch the living doo doo ( check yesterdays blog) out of anyone you wish.
Grabs their azz straight thru the cellphone.
One minor technicality; it may slow down your scroll.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I do

Today folks I do.
Yes, I spent my lunch hour redeeming my Spa coupon from my support. I did me.
I enjoyed a wonderful massage and then rested my bones in the massage chair for the remaining 15 mins.

Yesterday almost had me frazzled enough that I needed to redeem my coupon.
But thanks to my many musicians I was able to maintain our gig each Wed night!
It was a very successful night...
I do say.

I have to say I do more now than I have in a long time.
From managing music to working a 9-5, to continuing classes to learn to sign to wanting to spend Saturdays swimming, or trying to at least...
I do.
I do alot.
I am glad I do.
Because for years I didn't.
I never took the time for me to really reach down deep inside of me and enjoy and savor the real insides of my Life.
I do a Journey now.
I do Karioke too, heheee.
I do love, me.
So I do take this woman to be my best friend and heir of Christ, to have and to hold
in sickness and in health ...OH! BTW I am feeleing much better since the new year has approached.
I do need to shed some pounds tho~.
and get rid of all the doo doo (still) in my Life.
I am beginning to look my age.
However, I do know curvy is the new skinny,(so they say)
and I am sooooooo do~able oops. sorry....fresh.
I do need to breathe.....
I do need to enjoy today.
But I do do.
I'm doing right now.
I do!...everyone.
So thanks and if you want you may do with me.
I love you, I do....