Friday, September 18, 2009

kooky krisp kritter

Where is the Cinnamon Toast Crunch?
(That is to be read with a deep and sarcastic tone).
YOU ate it all up, Kris.

It is more than amazing how my grown a** kids act like they are 5 again now that they are all together..
GOD knows my heart, ya'll.

Kooky, yes kooky, not cookie, Krisp Kritter be in all the cereals faking that the young boy nephews be eating up them joints.
It's hard to keep up with the lingo but once you get to gettin' ....hehhehe....

Yesterday the toilet overflowed.
Big time.
and if them big a** boo boos didn't eat so much... oh wheeeew.
I love you norman., Papu.
But the clencher here is that Princess Daughter calls me on the phone at work while the water is invading my silk bedspread to doors down the hall.
I calmly instruct them how to turn off the water via the handle under the toilet.
By the time I got home the story had changed 15 times.
Kritter, as I will refer to him today, (in joke of Twitter) was complaining about my blog.
Suggesting DAD gets all the news from me.
While The Princess can't wait to reveal news of a VIDEO Kritter took and sent to his brother via his Blackberry.
Along with him smoking her last cigarette.
Wow! what an attitude she can get.
Walk it off is the way the song went I do beleive.
But I digress,
How does DAD know?
Three guesses; all with the same last name.
Well, the Boy ain't President elect for nothing.
"Order", 2040 demands!
We are sure that Security was breached, oh! or is it breeched?
Security is his own,.... he's the President so he don't count.
But anywho, the children will always be children to me and Dad I am sure.
Now, which one of you took the car last night?
Press Release:
Pradia has been back to Camelot for two days and he's calling the transition from Camp Rodrig, "bitter sweet".
The Commander In Chief spoke to the press stating, "It's bitter sweet, I'm excited to be back to finish the work that I've started, but obviously, Camp Rodrig is certainly a place synonymous with rest, relaxation, and self reflection.
Change is always difficult for me, but I'm embracing it.
It's hard to enjoy the time, when you know that it will soon end, but I'm learning to savor every moment and understand that it continues to get better after this."
Pradia, who moved in two days ago has spared little time getting back to work.
He has already started many new projects and his term has yet to begin.
As the public knows, this year will mark Pradia's final two terms.
The Commander In Chief gave little hint to what his plans might be after Camelot only assuring that he will, "continue to serve the community."

I have been so busy with everything that is going on in my space that I haven't made time to check 2040's blog.
Upon checking in this morning I came to find out just how tightly knit our family is.
Altho circumstances don't allow all 5/uh, ...8 of us to live under one roof, we are still so very attached, in tune, and stay attracted.
I was surfing the other day on the computer.
I came across the site of a blogger who interested me greatly.
I became a follower of her site; tucking that information away in my head, for a later time to share with all.
Well, I never got to share...too busy, slipped my mind.
But it did BLOW my mind when I went to 2040s site only to find the same blogger posted.
We do think alike us Geminis.
We are ALL on this same ride together.
I don't care if we are not at the dinner table fighting over the crispy part of the meat.
Love is kind. Love is forever. God is Love.
I was supposed to blog about a different subject today, I will save Rocky/Rachel for tomorrow...or Monday I should say.
Besides it isn't the best of happy stories to share.
But as soon as I can regroup, I will share.
I am glad we are all on the same page.
Uh, maybe not the same page but the same book.
All of us seem to be dealing with the same thing in our own way.
Moving, transitions, school, work....
We all want to clean the slate somehow, some way.
We are all striving for that CHANGE(?)
The way each of us is going about it is amazingly similar.
Exciting, because I know God has our backs, as long as we keep moving forward.
Keep me in your thoughts and prayers, you are in mine.
I love you.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The safer sex

It has taken me all day to get to this blog.
Not because I am pressed for time or have no ideas.
I have just been rolling it over and over in my head.
I end up laughing to the point of peeing my pants and then I start all over again.
For those of you who know me, GOD is a very integral part of my Journey, my Life.
He is our very Presence, Provision, and Protection.
I try to teach my children and my grandchildren these lessons every day.
But somehow Tyler became confused with this lesson.
Tyler is five.
For yesterday, dear grandson, dear nephew, found the presents, provisions and protections which his Uncle Kris had so ingeniously hid in the bedroom.
His celebration was unique.
Each package torn neatly from one end to the other, properly discarded; each lie spread out on the floor.
The contents?? !!
Blown up pretty pink balloons.
Yes, he blew up the Durex.
I wish I had the chance to photograph my grandson.
The little intruder that he is.
But better yet, Uncle Kris' expression is still priceless as late as this morning.
He still has not recovered from yesterday's loss,
exclaiming the fact that "Her Sensations" cost money!
Living with (almost) all your family is fun.
Somehow God always manages to teach us in our own little way.
(Check out another lesson revealed in tomorrow's blog...)
While the elder son snickers and acts like he has no idea what has just transpired, my daughter lies ever so motionless, still, quiet and peaceful, reminiscing all the lessons Dad and I have taught her and what she, will now have to come against.
Maybe not against, but surely have to deal with.
I have explained to dear grandson there are consequences with messing with other folk stuff.
I have also debited my grandson's account.
Restoration will be paid to Uncle Kris...if he can wait that long for the payments.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

on the way in

This morning on the way in I heard my program on the radio.
The message was brief but powerful.
It said:
God loves us unconditionally.
He never "sets us up" for what we might translate as something bad.
These times are learning curves.
Once around the bend we will look back and not even see what we just passed thru.
Then we will be on the straightaway.
Ready to deal with the next portion of this Journey.
Today I am going to go with that and only that.
I am going to recite those words over and over again.
Then I am going to go home and go to sleep; if I can find a vacant bed.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I am not sure what is going on in your corner but in my little space, well...
Literally, I have all my children at home with me.
It is a strange occurrence as I am expecting Dad to come in by 6pm and get his plate from the microwave.
The other night I found myself coming into the Living Room and telling my oldest two to "go to bed".
They are 31 and 25 years old.
I found myself face down in my pillow, weeping.
I think they are still little children of ours.
Their Dad suffers from the empty nest, I suffer from the fact that they are GROWN.
They buy their own cars, work their own job, raise their own children.
Dammit, the dog is even grown up.
Yesterday we had this discussion of if the dog gets reprimanded.
He's even old.
He doesn't anymore, except for maybe the few times when he talks back.
I have this strange feeling I am getting older.
I have this idea I am turning into an absolute Grandma.
Looks have nothing to do with it, which throws me off.
I am still attractive, work out to get that way but, nevertheless.
I am employed and I still can hang party wise.
But I feel OLD today.
I almost want to sit by the fire with my support, doggie at my feet, apple cider and a great book.
Don't get me wrong... I am grateful to GOD for all I have and by what ever way it comes to me.
I am just not sure what I am doing.
So then we get into the debate I had over dinner Friday night.
Is it our choice or is this GOD's (prepaid) Plan so just enjoy it?
Gotta talk to HIM 'bout this.
Check you out tomorrow.