Friday, July 17, 2009

This is to my family!

I love you!

I am real busy at work today.

However, I have found time enough to continue to Praise God for the patience He has provided along with the strength and courage to do some things today that I thought impossible, ..."I can do all things thru Christ Jesus which strengthen me" ...and with this Journey particularly, I say, "Thank you God". Remember to be kind in what you do, think twice, cut once, and enjoy the beauty of today! Have a great weekend, be safe and know I love you. Each of you for a different reason. You bring me joy, thank you. Please know you are all in my daily prayers and we must continue to thank God for all we go thru, both what we perceive as "good" and "bad". Everything is Planned by God, therefore it is Perfect. Roll with those punches kids, trust God and know there is joy in the morning! Praise GOD for renewed health! I want to thank you for reading my blog, commenting on the entries and knowing all of this adds to my joy each day. Thank you for helping me live this great Journey. Hope yours is as fantastic and even better! Remember to Believe, and always Trust GOD! He is in charge of EVERYTHING, ALL THE TIME, EVERYWHERE! Move to the right and let Him do His thing!

More music this weekend...STING at the MGM at Moghegan so I will be on the road, between Grandma's and the slots! Love you.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Good morning everybody!
After yesterday, I have to tell you the Lord woke me up with a new Spirit!
Even tho I had plans for last night,I just couldn't draft those folks into keeping company with me.
So I headed home, fought the traffic, picked up my meds, fought (literally) a fireman, called a cop, got a warning ticket, then proceeded to walk alone on my usual route down and around the beach.
By this time I didn't want to be social at all.
Absolutly no words, actions or excuses to be made...
In my walk to the beach I spotted another(?!), hawk.
His glide was angelic.
His soar was mighty.
He looked like Dad's hawk.
Soft browns and tans and streams of black between his wings.
He perched himself on the V of a tree and watched me watch him.
It was almost as if he was there to scold me, mold me and then to refold me.
I say, "he", because his spirit was definitely masculine.
Like my Daddy.
We played a game of hide and seek for about 15 minutes.
With the traffic silenced, I replayed the entire day in my head.
I smelled the maple in the leaves of the trees, the wet grass and the water.
I touched the sand and let it slide thru my fingers.
I closed my eyes while the wet sand squished between my toes.
I asked God to forgive me, control my bad attitude and renew my Spirit.
Initially, Hawky peered at me with disgust it seemed.
But as he flew off he seemed to leave me with a sense of letting go.
It seemed all that had held me down was now taking me away; deep in the clouds of fluffy white.
On my way home I found a penny.
Coins lost, then found by me, seem to be my confirmation God hears me.
That and the train.
After a brief warm shower I got dressed in my pretty new green dress, slipped on my flip flops, gathered up some grub and ventured off to Grass Island.
I decided it was best at this point to be by myself to regroup.
I managed to settle directly across the water from the park.
I found a rock perfect for viewing, eating and resting my mind.
I sat my lawn chair to the left of the rock and made a quaint table setting for one.
I do believe I heard the music louder and clearer than the audience who sat dead center on the grass.
The sound seemed to carry across the water, directly to my ear.
I sipped my green tea, and nibbled upon the cheese and crackers.
I ate left over Chinese,and scarfed down two Yodels with ease.
I dropped cherries, pit and all into my crystal filled glass.
By the end of the first set I was full and quite relaxed.
The evening moved on gracefully to many familiar tunes;
someTower of Power,James Brown, and even some Eagles tunes.
Sitting under a blanket of stars is beautiful.
It surely reminded me that GOD is huge.
So big.
But better than that;
He is so loving,forgiving and an integral part of our Journey!
Some days run smoothly some with the roughness of cement.
The weekend is close by.
Make sure you rest up and make the best of your time.
Do not get tired like me.
It only leads to aggravation.
Trust in the Lord for His Perfect Will for you.
Then enjoy it.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This is the day the Lord hath made,
I will be glad and re-joyce in it!


It has taken this long to get this site to even appear on my screen.**hmph***

Ya' ever have one of those days where you HAVE TO keep praising GOD cause something, someone keeps messin' with you. No matter how many times you tell yourself you have the VICTORY in this situation as well as the last ten... well this is the day...
I refuse to partake in this garbage.
Folks are crazy, worldly, weak, tired and obnoxious.
So, today I will be devoting my blog time to prayer.
In the Sanctuary.
Yes, I have a slight attitude towards the comings and going on with my Journey today, (that is why I am in overtime for prayer, duh!) but thanks to you all, and being able to write, having the knowledge that whatever GOD has for me is good, being blessed enough to reason, etc etc.etc...
All is well.
Keep your eyes on Jesus...
See you tomorrow.
Tonite I am going to relax with evening of outdoor music, a little nip of wine, some cheese, grapes and some good conversation!
Yup, I got the bug spray.
NOTE TO SELF: Wait on the Lord. Have patience

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

MrPrez (

We all have them.
I just thought I would share ours with you.
Check him out:

Status Whoa

Today we walked to town during lunchtime.
Its a beautiful day and the sun is shining with a hint of summer breeze. Everything is green from the rain.
It is fresh smelling and there are new flowers everywhere.
I followed the red robins to the trees in our driveway.
The blue jays fight the robins; their colors diving in and out between the branches.
They challenge my squirrel for peanuts and make dinner out of the chipmunks.
The blue jays are mean.
This whole scene reminded me of this morning.
It was like a scene out of Hollywood.
Pretty maidens along with the custodians neat and crisp adorning aprons and matching uniforms, wiping and re- wiping the furniture, walls and windows.
The hors douveres strategically placed on the tables, linens crisp and white.
Folks running around demanding attention to everything!
Everything must be set and ready for the arriving guests.
Our guests remind me of the bluejays.
Abrupt and abrasive.
Unappreciative and borderline rude.
Ready to take over what little there is to share.
Our guests are the corporate BIG WIGS.
(I must GOOGLE that; bigwigs. )
I have come to find everyone is different.
Especially when it comes to culture and big wigs.
I have practiced my Guten Tag and Auf Wiedersehen and my Yo Koso over and over today.
I have learned to bend at the waist and no eye contact is correct.
But for the Life of me I cannot get it when it comes to superior -ism.
Yes, financially you may have more than I do.
Yes, you may be physically stronger.
You may have gone to school longer than I did.
But My GOD, My Living GOD loves me.
That puts me way high up, buddy.
Do you love Him?
With all due respect, from your actions, I surpassed you a long time ago.
(I win).
Sometimes I wish I could use some magic wand and cover folks with the joy of Jesus. It is such a great place to be...under the Blood of Jesus.
This morning my radio show spoke about our being Faithful and knowing that God gave His Son to take our sins. So there is no reason why NOW we should tarry to live in abundance and His wealth! He should be the Center of our lives.
When I greeted our guests this morning, I met them with HIS love in my heart. I was truly amazed at their ill behavior, especially with the status they hold amongst our peers. I will pray for them when I go to the Sanctuary today.
I will ask GOD to touch their hearts with His Love.
And the next time they visit, it will be more than evident, that God, is an Awesome God...


Breguet pocket watch 1907BA/12
Price: $734,000 (540,000 EUR)

The most expensive pocket watch Breguet is one of the oldest and most respected names in the watchmaking industry; the company being around for more than 225 years.

My then husband has a terrific eye for beautiful watches.
His gifts are always so befitting the recipient.
These words come to mind when I think of " time ".

My time.
Your time.
HIS time.
In time.
Good times.
Bad times.
Right time.
Wrong time.
Lost time.
Gained time.
Across the Greenwich Mean Time.
Wasted time.
Served time.
To recollect past times.
In due time.
Renewed time.
Travel thru warped time.
Solar time.
Read the paper.
New York Times.
Managed time.
Hammer time.
Keep the rhythm with the time.
What time?
Either/or time.
Take time
to find time.
Divine Time.
Yes, time,
is God's Time.
Everything, Everywhere,
All the time, time.
Precious time.

Loving time.
Watch the time.
Day and nighttime.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Good morning all,
I am pleased to announce that the 31st birthday of our daughter Kelly was a huge success yesterday!
I am still trying to figure out if it was a happy or sad happy event.
Turning 30 was grand but that one year adds dimension to it all, it seems.
We seem to remember every tiny detail about her birth.
The first time of anything is always a powerful memory, for me.
Where did the time go?
I am still tickled, laughing at (our) Dad who probably enjoyed the day more than anyone else.
He remains so proud of his oldest child, only girl, Princess!
(Tomorrow he will gleam about the boys... )
But yesterday's LOVE will never be forgotten.
I am very tired at present and blogging is just not on the Gemini agenda today.
(Must be the other twin at large).

So forgive me if I jump around, hehehe!
We experienced a well spent day; lounging and mixing with friends and family.
Sipping on Mimosas and dipping caviar.
Ked received fresh pastel colored roses, neatly bound in ribbon by way of her cousin, Missy.
She held on to her TINKER BELL socks and her handmade fairy wand.
We engaged in adult conversation, sightings of The Waiter and while later reaping the benefits of God's Word, were touched by the presence of the Holy Spirit for sure.
Persephone Hall's ministry through song was most edifying, Comforting and insightful.
A woman of great talent and a kindred Spirit.
We gazed at a MOON so large and beautiful atop the horizon it required the Songstress of the Evening to sing her well rehearsed "Hi Moon".
But I digress,
The highlight was the end performance of the day.
With impeccable timing, a gentle delivery, and the utmost compassion...
we listened to the elation in Dad's voice!!!! (as he made sure, we two grown women, were safe in the night) which was, truly,
It is what it is! hehehe, priceless.
And for those of you who know me,
I cried.
Happy Birthday, Mimi Kelly.