Friday, November 06, 2009


Now get this~
To top it all off I have been BARRACUDA'd from this blog site.
This may be my last entry.
I had to get in here by way of 2040's site and now as I go back to view it, well, I get a blue now access box.
If in any event I have been locked out of this adventure, I thank you so much for reading my blog, for commenting and making me realize I am a talented writer.
GOD has a way of moving us along, little dawgies...
Please know I have enjoyed your participation, your honesty, ideas, contributions and most of all, your LOVE.
Keep the Faith.
Never allow fear to take you over and continue to trust GOD.
I will meet you again along the road of this Journey.
The Christian Heir


Well, I'm most disturbed today.
First of all, my then husband has requested copies of some great photos of our GranChef, Tyler.
I cannot print the great photos I received of Ty's Halloween parade due to the fact
INK CARTRIGES...geeez...yes, ink cartridges....are locked up with only two keys.
Like some kind of narcotic would be in Beverly Hills.
This is a place of employment folks, a work place, not Fort Knox.
How much do cartridges cost anyhow?
And if you start calculating the cost of pens, pencils, napkins, tubs of peanut butter, silverware and toilet paper folks steal from the job....
I have to fill out a HELP DESK ticket and wait for a response.
The guy i son vacaction so it will drop to the bottom of the list and certainly won't be fixed today!
By that time I could of walked around the corner to CVS, WalMart, Walgreens, RiteAid or even gone to my friends house and borrowed his printer, carted it home, plugged it up read the directions and since I have all that required mess it takes to get a photo complete; photo paper, ink, etc at home, HECK.. .
I need to stop.
I have a nice walk tonite and if I continue I will have spent my entire evening repenting for the disservice I am causing.
But to top it all off...Someone keeps bickering with me over some minutia, (yes Dad, I know the word now) with me and I can't seem to get around it.
I don't care.
I don't want to be involved.
Get out my cavity and leave me alone.
Speaking of cavities.
Brush your teeth, floss and visit the dentist when required.
So says Dad.
Besides when you're in some one's face like I been all day, you want to have minty sweet breath.
Better days.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Chef Ninja

Now that I have stop laughing I can come to you seriously.
Tyler is a self appointed FOOD CRITIC.
He is the connoisseur.
The tasty palate.
A rich and sweet chocolate bunny, uh Ninja.
I laughed yesterday as I barged in from my 3 mile walk, haha, Three Mile High, oops, cut -it-out. Those fiery jokes aren't even funny...
I digress.
But if you know me, I was fired up oops there we go again... with the walk I had made!
As soon as I entered, the Lil Chef greets me with, "Mimi can I have those chocolate chip cookies
on the counter?
" Whoa," I remarked.
I haven't even got in the door yet.
WHOA....Scrrrrrrrech, FLASHBACK.
Dad enters.
Front door closes.
It's Daytime Savings dark.
Suit jacket on the chair, quick kisses to all and the opening of the lid to something brewing, stewing or gross for dinner. I'm so sorry I couldn't cook as well as he does.
Oh well. Our Chef Grandson will do enough for the both of us!
Slight pause.
I mill around and wait for my turn to talk as the bigger ones are rummaging thru costume (FAKE) real fake, jewelry.
Eric pops a HUGE (what even looks like a fake CZ) in his ear.
"Wow", I state calmly.
"Are those real?"
"No,", he says," but they're my Mom's".
Now, we all know if they belong to Mom, they gots to be real.
*** thought going thru my brain***
Really fake. sarcastic chuckle
Again, I digress.
SO, now it becomes my turn and in between divvying up some Chicken Parm and tort to to lini's as the Chef calls them, I review my last hourly stride.
The crew gobbles down dinner and I continue talking, oooohing and ahhhing about my accomplishments, sparing them no pain from this hardly interesting, dramatization.
In the midst my stubby, little pudgy, sweet one dashes in front of his brother destined to get to those cookies before any one else.
"Have the cookie! Kai", I shout.
That neatly foiled tied, see thru cellophane was in shreds and that cookie was in the his mouth before you could say chocolate chip, when Ked jumps to the floor with laughter!
She's hysterical.
"Mamma if you could have seen his face..."
"That's nasty" he claims.
This was the Food Chef talking.
Frowning, spitting, cancelling out the delicacies I had brought home from my workplace!
"Was it in her car?" Kris asks.
The laughter breaks out even harder.
(Inside joke)
So go ahead...Call Dad.
In the meantime, I am gonna be checking out the new edition of BON APPETIT.
Can't ever be too prepared.

This is our future, folks.

No need for words

A Breath to Take

Hi folks.
I miss you guys when I don't write.
It's a daily ritual I find enjoyable but lately I haven't felt on track.
But this morning bought me a ray of sunshine in the most strange way.
A close co worker and acquaintance of mine has been dealing with her Father's illness for a week now. He is on every type of machine, numerous medication, and is semi coherent, drifting in and out of his space. She, of course is despondent, hurt and confused.
Upon asking her the condition of her Dad, she smiled at me and said, "Not well." I offered my sympathy and told her never loose hope. For GOD never stops working things out. She smiled and said she remembered when my Dad was sick. How I still heard his voice, felt his touch, smelled his Old Spice. Even while away from him. He was even more a part of me, knowing one day he would be gone but not forgotten. This gave her hope. It never ceases to amaze me how GOD works. Events that happen, things that we have long forgotten or done, will reappear in the same way GOD (initially)planned (sent) it. Renewed, refreshed, recovered. I had no idea what my testimony would bring to her or any one else. I suppose that is why we are to walk in His footsteps... so the things we do, give GOD the glory, by the way in which we do them.
Shortly after another colleague came to me with a black and white copy of her unborn son.
His tiny hands wrapped together over his face as he lie on his back, as if he was praying.
His little body of full of love.
He laid there inside his Mommy's womb breathing that breath of Life, GOD so graciously bestows upon us.
It was eerie the way the two events crossed.
A breath in, a breath out.
Creation.... wow.
Last night I walked (by myself) for 3 miles.
(My buddy's hip is SCREAMING surgery; so the pain he would have endured from walking would have been too much.)
However, in between my walking/running/weeping, sobbing, meditating, prayerfully Spirit filled venture, I shed quite a bit off my mind.
Shed as in loss; shed as in shed some Light.
I thought of Life and this Journey.
What it is to us and why.
I pondered about my emotions, ideas, dreams, mistakes, realities and questionable events of my term here on Earth.
I thought if I had anger towards anyone.
I thought if with everyone I crossed paths with, would they feel good after I left their presence?
I thought about the lady I offered a ride to the train to...the total stranger who checked her watch while rapidly pacing her steps, the look of fear written all over her.
I prayed for peace, reconciliations, protection, redemption, forgiveness, recovery, repentance,restraint, admission, declarations, reputations, discovery, toil and pain.
I never got any direct answers while I walked, but I did get to shed some things.
As well as birthing something else.
Something wonderful I am waiting for GOD to reveal to me.
I will walk again tonight... with great expectation.
I will praise HIS name and thank HIM in advance.
For HE is worthy.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Hi everyone,
Sorry to be so lazy and forgetful all at once.
I haven't really felt well and have been on some kind of 3 second delay.
You know like when you speak on the radio?
My mind is furry-like.
There is the seasonal changes that I don't adjust to very well, the emotional wavering that is hard to accept and the physical that is the result from it all.
Sometimes I just can't give the proper answer to why I am feeling so down in the dumps when questioned.
Yesterday, it was that I continued to miss my Dad.
My supports Dad's birthday was yesterday and I missed him also.
He too, has passed away.
However, somewhere in there was their kind words, antics, jokes and laughter.
They strummed their guitars to a 2-5 chord together and looked down upon us I am sure.
Then there is that halloween candy.
I don't do candy.
I do pasta and bread.
Pure carbohydric, I am.
So in the tradition of candy exchange, the kids dropped off candy on the dining room table,
albeit still traditon or not.
I am in the Lobby and two gentlemen appraoch me.
These are clients of ours to whom I have been introduced and am on a first name basis.
Ok, I 've seated them and decide to continue to type my blog.
The language becomes excessive and now vulgar, remarking about how one of their female co workers is a b*tch.
Now, I told you I am not myself lately.
Note: This is one of the questions I will have for GOD come the proper time; which is why do I always end up in these predicaments?
I let out this crazy voice like I had the power of a female god demanding they explain, B*ITCH!
I think I just scared them away.
Take your vitamins and eat your veggies, kids.
Life can be difficult.
GOD doesn't come in tablet form or from a tree... altho there is evidence of the fruits of your labor, so keep on praying.
Tomorrow should bring joy in the morning.