Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The end of this year

This season is not the most productive time for me.
I don't like the change of seasons, the cold, the bullsh*t folks display with their false emotions,ignorance, assumptions,the feeling of being obligated...not feeling obligated and folks getting mad, I could go on forever.
I think it comes with the time change.
But that is in the natural.
Spiritually, I am blessed to know God is Almighty and any of the things I let come into my Journey can be taken away in a heartbeat, both good and bad.
I was meditating the other morning and the thoughts of UTs came to mind again.
I wondered just how many UTs had passed me by while I spent time trying to rationalize the things which currently cluttered my head.
For those of you who aren't acquainted with the Christian Heir, UTs, are unexpected treats.
My most recent UT was spectacular!
I am not a spring chicken, altho I would never choose to be exactly that but the term means a younger person, I do believe.
Well while shopping in the BIG CITY, NY city, my musician reminded me of a very special Christmas party that I had totally forgotten about.
Dressed in a pair of play jeans and a High School T shirt which bore the school emblem and the year no less! My hair was newly washed, and for some reason, today, my natural beauty was my choice look for the day. Just a tinge of red lipstick and spray of Isime Miyaki.(Spelling?, ah... these days my musician has woooed me in with the French language...ask me how to say, Thank you for your musical touch, in French, merci!!! ...hehehhehe.
I digress.
So it's now too late for me to go home, shower put on my sexy little red dress and heels and I'm looking like Farmer Jane.
Fast forward to the resturant.
Apparently,everyone loves to garden.
and Ferd appriciates, me. Farmer Jane or not.
GOD is so assuring.
His Perfecting Grace is forever.
You would have thought I was dressed for the Queen with the response from everyone.
The real UT was the Tshirt.
Is that your son's T shirt? someone asked.
Yeah buddy, from 1973, uh huh.
UTs are awesome.
But the power to feel great about yourself is even better.
To know who you are and why is a gift from GOD, HIMSELF.
To know that who ever looks you in your face is looking at a honest,trusting, loving,sharing,giving person.
I am someone who can appreciate you after many years of separation.
I am someone who can love you for the help you have given me when I was down.
I am someone who is a true friend.
I am someone who takes the attention given with open arms, then stores it away for later, the needy one that I am.
I am the Christian Heir and only because God loved me first.
God is so Perfect in His Plan.
I graced the arm of my musician/ friend thinking I was dressed like a hot mess.
It is the HOLY SPIRIT which rises up so gracefully and leads your every step.
It is the love of Jesus that shines thru the Farmer Jane attire.
It is GOD, who knows exactly what is needed for us all.
I got a few emails from Friday night expessing how I had enlightened some folks.
Thanking me for my smile, my tenderness, my energy shared.
My regards to them, for they haven't a clue how this season treats me and what a joy it was to be in their company.
I was just being me, but thanks to those unexpected treats, I am now even more right in my mind to know I am fine just how I am, Dede, the ChristianHeir.
The party was great.
The music my favorite.
I even got a special concert of my own thanks to my dearest:
A wonderful rendition of TENDERLY, my Dad's favorite song to strum on his acoustic guitar when he was alive.
An appropriate song for such a heartfelt moment.
Remember what is current in your Journey.
Not tomorrow, not next week, an especially NOTHING that will upset your flow from the past.
Some memories are to be stored away, not lost or forgotten, but stored away.
They can be like a radio frequency that has so much static one cannot hear the music.
Better suited to be called distraction.
Live today and enjoy your Journey!
I am.
Love you all.