Friday, August 07, 2009


We watch.
We wait.

We worship,
and praise
without fear.

But what we fail to
think and know,
God is already here!


Oh boy!
I'm so excited I am sure I will write something I shouldn't but I don't care.
Besides, the other day I was asking God who I am...
He has revealed so much to me between that time and now it is incredible!
I am a participant this day.
Iam part of a great moment in my time.
I am experiencing a prayer I have prayed for many years come through!
My support graduated yesterday!!!
One (1) whole year of sobriety.
Yes, after (our) almost 30 years of taking part in depression, and addiction, he has made his way to freedom.
Freedom, sobriety, health, wealth, LOVE, on and on and on....
I am so grateful to God and so proud of his efforts.
Maybe he might be low key about this but I shout to the world for I don't remember doing anything or at least very little for 365 consecutive days without fail.
(Other than breathe.)
Then I had pneumonia and...well...(hehehe)
So lift your hands, and give God the praise and thanksgiving with me for such a great outcome;
a long but diligent journey, but well deserved.
Keep up whatever you are doing folks.
Stay true to the Word and remember:
God has your back just keep moving forward!
Your goal is close.
OH! This is why you all make such great support for me.
Love you all,
Thank you God, in Jesus Name,
The Christian Heir
Have a great weekend.
See you Monday.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Look both ways

This morning on the way in, I was driving down the road when a cute grey squirrel was perched on the side of the road checking out the traffic going north.
I laughed at the fact God had created this little creature smart enough to know to look both ways before crossing. Maybe I shouldn't have laughed; maybe I should have taken notice!
Before I could travel down the road 50 more feet,there to the right on the ground lay a raccoon. Stiff and dead as a door nail, paws reaching to the Heavens. I fell into praise mode at that point.
Thanking GOD profusely for His Grace and Mercy towards me and those around me.
Something so simple as looking both ways meant the outcome of these two little creatures of God's. Sometimes I need to stop and assess as well as prepare, daily. In the hustle bustle of it all, sometimes I forget just who is in charge here. Who is the big picture and not what. We are given such great rights from the Kingdom of God, half of the time we miss the abundance and power given by complaining, doubting, fearing, etc. If we would stop to examine our circumstances, our next steps, our decisions, emotions and ideas, like the little squirrel,we would be able to enjoy the freedom we are so freely given. To Trust God's Plan, altho sometimes it is difficult, is the only way.In many instances, I have wondered why I am in the midst of something,when that very something was the very answer to an issue I had totally forgotten about. They had nothing to do with one another but yet GOD had tied them together like a beautiful macrame piece of art.
Trust and obey is what I tell my grand kids.
It seemed to work for the little squirrel.


This piece comes from a site I enjoy daily.
Dr. Wayne Dyer's motivational segments are most inspiring.
Do enjoy today and set your dreams in order.
Check out the site:

Excuse: It will be difficult.
I have the ability to accomplish any task I set my mind to with ease and comfort.
Excuse: It will take a long time.
I have infinite patience when it comes to fulfilling my destiny.
Excuse: I don’t deserve it.
I am a Divine creation, a piece of God. Therefore, I cannot be undeserving.
Excuse: I can’t afford it.
I am connected to an unlimited source of abundance.
Excuse: I’m not strong enough.
I have access to unlimited assistance. My strength comes from my connection to my Source of being.
Excuse: I’m too old (or not old enough).
I am an infinite being. The age of my body has no bearing on what I do or who I am.
Excuse: I’m too busy.
As I unclutter my life, I free myself to answer the callings of my soul.
Excuse: I’m too scared.
I can accomplish anything I put my mind to because I know that I am never alone.
Almighty God, I want to thank you in the Name of Jesus that I have the courage and strength, the knowledge and motivation through Your Holy Spirit to see my dreams come true. ~Amen

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


OK, get ready, for the Gemini mind is at full force today.
I woke up this morning asking God who am I?
I asked Him to please let me know who I really am.
I know I am a Christian heir.
I know I am a Believer.
I know I am a mother and a friend.
But who am I purpose wise?
What job or assignment has God made for me?
Then I thought maybe that was the confusion that lies in my head.
It may not be a job or assignment; it may be just a service I am seeking.
A simple service.
On my way to work I listen to my radio and as I ride a segment called Points Of Power always fills me up.
It seems the Holy Spirit always reveals to me the answers I so desperately seek on this show.
This morning I was late tuning in as my prayers went into overtime.
But in the last few minutes they broke it down with scripture which spoke of Love.
The answer was so very clear to me.
I am love.
We are to Love as Jesus did.
We are to represent GOD in His way of LOVE.
We are to forgive, to pray for one another, to help one another.
To love one another, for everything, for always.
This morning seems so much fresher.
I am so much more at peace with that one little slice of information.
Confirmation is great; especially the way God speaks to me.
He reminded me of the last person I conversed with before I went to bed last night.
A simple text of GOOD NIGHT.
He told me of the prayers I shared with my grandsons and daughter last night.
A simple ask ME.
He reminded me of my friends and the dinner we shared last night.
The laughs and hugs and friendship HE provided for me, last night.
The Spiritual growth, promises and love HE has for me, last night and always.
But the big thing is how FAST God answered my prayer.
Now that's a whole lotta' LOVE...

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Hate Hair

I'm slow at making decisions lately.
I guess its the age I am.
I visited my son's blog yesterday.
I always enjoy his writing.
He posted a WHO DOES IT BETTER with Mrs. Obama's hairstyle.
Check out his blog!
Well for those of you who know me... I hate hair.
I love a bald man, any age.
Or maybe I should clarify, I love the LOOK of a bald man.
I think short hair is more appropriate on older women.
I love the natural look; maintained correctly.
I am somewhere between looks right now.
Too old to be hip hopish, to straight to be Hippie.
Too young for the gray, too scared to color, too thick for a Natural.
Don't want to perm.
So what do I do?
Buy a wig.
(I'm giving away secrets).
I can't tell you the action I have gotten behind this little short black number.
We'll refer to her as FIFI.
I feel like a little French maid(en) in this hair.
My eyes are blue/green and light up in the night!
My attitude is better and I feel confident.
Beats that short frizzy mess I had going on.
Now, to figure out what I do when this Gemini move is over with.

Monday, August 03, 2009

PEACE in the valley

Happy Monday!

Lots going on friends...

I am not sure everything that happened this weekend is blog worthy but I can say it was a fabulous weekend.

I spent some time with Ked and we ate like piggies and spent the rest of the night laughing and loving one another. It's such a blessing, children. But even more your oldest child and only girl make her special. The boys have their space too. This week it was Kris who touched my heart as we sat together for an impromptu prayer session. How great God is! To give me the privilege to pray with my children is awesome. To God I give the glory and many thanks for HE is awesome!

Malcolm still remains our 2040 and his words are always encouraging for me. I will thank God in advance for our financial need as far tuition goes; I stand in total Faith and love.

My nephew pilot has gone to Dubai to work for a three year gig. I will miss him and continue to pray for his safety and growth.

We had our annual Shirley Foster Picnic which was a huge success. Lots of work. Probably half the reason I am having trouble blogging today.

I am tired, still full from the gourmet food Ricky, Janet & friends prepared.( ie. crab cakes, steak to die for ..lobster, cheesecake, fruit bowls and jello shots!)

Hope your day is complete, enjoy...