Thursday, May 21, 2009


We are on our way traveling to various places this holiday weekend, so I will regain my position here at the computer on Tuesday.

In the meantime,
mmmmmmmmmm...enjoy the first BBQ.

nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ( the sound of question) make good decisions.... use 35SPF or better, drive carefully, drink lots of water this weekend.



Wednesday, May 20, 2009

How I love them.
Since I have started this blog I have tried to learn a new word each day.

For years, I have been the Happy Thrift Shopper, roaming from state to state, Goodwill to Salvation Army.
In my latest travels I acquired a slew of books from spelling to word Dad loved word puzzles, JUMBLES, etc.
Also in the findings was a book prepping one for the SATs. Simply Divine this one is! All the big words one can read up on... for a while. But in the midst of all of this, I have come to know, (yes , knowledge), that hearing is so important.
As well as sight, to get the most out of words.
Take for instance:
I heard on the radio (which lead me to the contents of today's blog) a song which contained this phrase:
Jesus is my sun sunlight and my rain....
When I heard the music, my mind, said this:
Jesus is my Son Light and my Reign.
How the entire meaning can change with so little effort.
I was thinking about how descriptive "Salvation Army" is.
An army waiting to save you...
My daughter and have sat for hours discussing allegories, wellerisms, metaphors, etc.
I always found synonyms, homonyms and what's the other one?!!! fascinating.
Today's blog might be out there for some of you, and I apologize if it is.
But for me, it never ceases (seizes) to amaze me; the English language.

Today's word is:
That would be me.

That would be for all of you.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Know Knowledge Knew

Before we begin, I would like to just take a quiet moment and thank our Heavenly Father for His Comfort which I pray will be bestowed upon the family and friends of Wayman Tisdale, bass guitarist.
He will truly be missed and loved forever.
His music lives on!
Many years ago, my husband took me to The Beacon Theatre to hear Wayman play.
What an awesome time we had as we strolled backstage to greet him.(truly a UT!)
I remember thinking deeply about his choice to leave $basketball$ for music.
As I have steadily grown in the Lord; I think I know (now), why he did such a thing.
Which brings me to today's topic:

There is a play on words here.
A dual meaning.
No knowledge knew; in the beginning of it all.
There are steps to be taken before an achievement can be completed.
To know knowledge is to say in the end, "I knew ".
The Bible gives us full coverage about Knowledge.
The Tree of Life bears much fruit.
For knowledge is the key of Life.
*Christ, our tree of life: Genesis 2:9
Thu, 2007-01-04 13:31 — Neil Robbie
In the middle of the Garden of Eden were two trees; the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Each tree identified by name. Each name carrying with it a promise of God. God's will was for Adam and Eve to receive His gift of eternal life by trusting His word and so to eat the fruit of the tree to which that promise was attached. But they did not trust God. Adam and Eve chose to go their own way and disobey God, they ate from the tree from which God said "do not eat".

In doing so received their just desserts; not only the promise of the knowledge of good and evil but the promise of death.
And so three results of the fall were:

1.God's law was broken
2.God's creatures tasted death as a result of God's promise
3.The way to the sacrament of the tree of life was barred by God.

But God would not leave it that way, his purpose is to bless his people with eternal life.
And so, Jesus reverses the results of the fall: life, he kept God's law and fulfilled it for us death, he tasted death for everyone
3.through his sacrament, Jesus supersedes the tree of life, offering eternal life to all who will feed, not on the fruit of the tree, but on him by faith
The Tree of knowledge teaches us of good and evil, which in my opinion of Life, is different from good and bad.
Sometimes bad, can be good.
I (we) suffer divorce but for a renewal of sobriety.
My son suffered the loss of his '95 Camry for a new! SUV! praise GOD.
2040 paraphrased says:
" I may not have ever made a move to buy a new car before I had to,
had my car not died."
My daughter says, " You have to go inside to get outside (a situation)."
Now the second child, well, he wasn't aware the great amount of knowledge he possessed until his experience passed, or of past. Now, he clearly knows.

When we use the tools GOD gives us properly, the harvest is always great.
GOD does not want us to be without (knowledge), thus, He is our Provider and we must use it, share it, grow.

Know ye that the LORD he [is] God: [it is] he [that] hath made us, and not we ourselves; [we are] his people, and the sheep of his pasture. -Psalm 100:3

I leave you with this scripture:

That they may know from the rising of the sun, and from the west, that [there is] none beside me. I [am] the LORD, and [there is] none else. -Isaiah 45:6

Know He loves you and too, I am, your support.


Monday, May 18, 2009

U- Ts

I'm baaaaack...
Thank you GOD for a fantastic weekend.
Thank you for your watchful Eye over all of us from east to west, north and south!
I am pleased to report California is still on the map and all are safe!
Dad experienced an earthquake Sunday night.
From the look on Jackie's mug, I think it was Jack who was tramatized.
I think this might have been Jack's first 10 second, 5.0.
But again, GOD is an awesome GOD as HE has prepared them well, should it happen again!
(Let's hope that was it).

"For those of you who know me" music is right up there with FRIENDSHIP and GOD, and I had the pleasure of experiencing all of it this weekend!
My support plays the guitar, fantasically, and had several gigs this weekend.
Some outdoors along the cool waterside, where shades of blues and greens graced the skies, small children's voices and vendors with their wares... and another in a smoke-filled room with an even more killer variety of bad attitudes, and heavy drinkers.
But with that came what I will call U-Ts.
Unexpected Treats.
Unexpected Treats are things that cross one's path out of no where.
There is no rhyme or reason as to why these things happen but you know, they are sent by GOD and they are more than an awesome experience!
Finding a $50 bill in the pocket of your winter coat is a UT.
Being short a small amount change while in the check out line and having the person behind you say"Oh! I got it" is a UT.
I have candies/fruit/chocolate/cookies displayed (and I do mean displayed; in jars, on metal racks, platters, crystal dishes) at my desk each day for those co-workers who come my way.
It is always a surprise what I will have for 3 o'clock snack.
Someone keeps putting cash in an envelope and leaving it on my chair. Nice UT....
A very simple gesture; but a card sent (or received), for no apparent reason is a UT.
Receiving kisses and hugs when you thought a handshake might be too much; a definate UT.
Our Grandkids are UTs.
But this weekend bought me the ULTIMATE UT.
I met a long time friend again after 30 something years of separation.
As I sat quietly at my table, the music became more soothing than ever.
The bass guitar hummed at me like a snake charmer and his flute.
His notes becoming clearer and clearer in my mind.
His style so unique and his technique so outstanding.
Thirty years brings lots of change.
Changes in attitude, appearance, growth, a new found peace and time all contribute.
But there was a certain glow in his eyes, a certain memorable feel I was experiencing.
The band takes a break and my support whines for food.
The next thing I know, my little brain clicks and there he is right in front of me;
the one and only, FUNKY GEORGE.
What an awesome reunion!
He is still the "Gentle Ben " of the 70's.
A warm kindred spirit, a fabulous bass player!
One of the UTs here was his immediate reaction to me.
He sang praises and complimented my youthfulness.
The most comforting comment?.... of was how nice a person he says I (still) am.
We reminesced of the great musicians he's played with and friends alike.
Funky George is one of the UTs of a lifetime.
To renite with someone so wonderful is a blessing from GOD.
One of HIS UTs.

The word for today is JOY.
Having the joy of Jesus is real joy!
Today let HIM show you joy.

Be sure to share it with someone.