Friday, May 29, 2009

The Weekend

Folks, I am so tired I cannot think.
I feel like the Mother Hen as all my chicks have checked in and stated they are fine...
Nice to hear from all my family at one time!
Altho everything is not in perfect order;everyone is healthy and wise(r) for the most part.
Thank you all for the Love you send.
Right back at 'cha.
Half day at work today!
Gonna go listen to music tonite and sleep in tomorrow.
Have a great weekend and thank you again for making my birthday the best!
MONDAY the word will begin with the letter T.
Check in and until then,
GOD is blessing you , continuously...thank Him.
Creflo Dollar says:
"When we see the leaves blowing, we say it is the wind, however, it is not the wind.
It is the result of the wind (blowing)" .
Same goes for blessings.
We are already blessed (as a child of GOD).
The new car is the result of our blessings.
Grace and Peace.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


This morning brought to me a newness that is unexplainable.
My Mom called early this morning, 6:22 am to wish me a "Happy Birthday".
Since birthdays have always been my favorite, I was already awake and awaiting.
But for some reason this year has brought to me the realization of the sincere appreciation I have for all those who God has put in my Life thus far.
It is very simple.
I am truly blessed.
Thank you to everyone I know and pray for daily.
Thank you wherever you are.
Thank you for all you give me, yesterday, today and tomorrow I pray.
Thank you for being who you are and including me.
Thank you... for you are a simple pleasure in my Life, with a lasting effect.
You have made this a special day.
I hope I can make your day as beautiful.
The Word for the day is SIMPLICITY.
Take note of the simple things and enjoy them.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Good morning.
I was in the midst of my meditation/prayer this morning when the word REST came to mind, vividly!
I juggled the thought in my mind that maybe it was because I am regrouping from the long weekend.
But as I have approached the job, many of my collegues are complaining of being sleepy; not tired, and needing to rest.

Most of the time we interrpret the word to mean relaxation.
To stop; to pause for a few moments.
To catch our breath.
We refer to rest as something we do before regaining momentum;
a pause in a (musical) measure.
The remaining amount; remainder...
The rest of the potato salad is on the table.
To lie against an object; I will rest my cane against the fence.
To be calm.

And he said,
My presence shall go [with thee], and I will give thee rest.
-Exodous 33:14
A final place of peace...

Today it is misting outside here on the North East section of the world.
There is a calmness that covers us.
The smaller creatures which inhabit our surroundings are home, snuggled in, probably eating the peanuts and granola left them over the weekend.
The leaves are droopy but a beautiful green.
The sky is a soft blue/grey with little sun shining thru.
It is a great day to read a good book, wrap a warm blanket, and enjoy the quiet with someone you love.

Take some time today to rest.
Rest within yourself.
Rest in the joys of Jesus.
Rest peacefully.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


The Word for the day is QUEST.

Webster defines it as a search; exploration.

Today, whether it be in your mind, body or soul search something; deep.
Light some sooothing candles.
Enjoy a quiet meditation.
Fill the tub with bubbles.
Take a bath.
Go for a walk.
Write down those answers to the questions which have you stumped.
Look within.
Enjoy your quest.

Home again

Welcome back!
I hope everyone had a fantastic and safe holiday weekend.

I thought about writing of my experience this weekend and then I kinda' changed my mind.
For those of you who know me... GOD is my best friend, Friendship, on a whole is most important and cherished, and music soothes my soul.
I would say those are my most treasured interests at this point in my Life.
I seem to think these features are all one needs to be at Peace and to enjoy Life.
Trust God, share with your true friends and let the music relax you.
That is exactly what I did this weekend.
But there are some other things in Life.
Like Politics, religion, freedom...

Coming home from upstate New York on the train was gorgeous.
The sun casting its sparkle on the lakes and small bodies of water, seem to be only a slight glimpse of Gods creation. Thru the many pine trees and bushes, the shades of green peppered with the brown and white barks allow the deer to blend in nicely.
I saw wild turkey and a family of raccoon.
Did I say I was not going to talk about this?
Well all of this to say remember: THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
What this country means (to you).
It's beauty, freedom ...
I was somewhat in a quandary for what this holiday stands for.
All the beauty of Gods country and there was little to say about memorializing the veterns lost.
Lots of food and drink but little prayer for the Unknown Soldier.
(I don't look at TV but I suppose there was some tribute)
So as my Dad was in the Navy and my brother(s) in the AirForce... thank those others of you for your Patroitism.
You are greatly appreciated.
and remember;
The Commander in Chief 2040 will see to whatever is necessary in the years to come; Peace be with you.