Thursday, August 27, 2009

Missed postings

Yesterday I missed writing again!
... but I've been doing this music thing and there isn't enough time in a day.
I haven't even walked in a l o n g time.
But school is getting ready to start and summer hours at work will cease and all the music events will go into the winter mode.
We will begin to sport sweaters and jackets and turn the heat up a few degrees in our homes.
The nights will become darker sooner and the morning sun will been a greatly treasured awakening.
Traffic will become increasingly congested, guanranteed.
Due to Daylight Savings and the change of time, we will try to cram all that we didn't do, in.
Everywhere will start sporting pictures of Christmas trees or pumpkins, turkeys and red and green.
Vacation sales will soar as folks will be trying their best to get back to the dog days of summer we have been b*tchin' about for the last few months.
Then, everyone will eventually hibernate, leaving me room to breathe and by then I will have thought up something exciting to write about.

How about my Life for starters?!?!!!! DUH.

I wanted to do a segment about smell.
I am not sure how I was to go about writing this tho~.
Lately, I have been aroused by the scents of things, or is it the sense of things?
I wonder if this is some rite of passage to maturity I am dealing with.
It can be quite annoying to say the least; since my support is still busting my chops at the fact that I have been running around smelling stuff; hinting of new perfumes, stalking the resident skunk and searching for babies, preferably under 6 months of age.
It has become my choice of senses.
I got some flowers the other day and in the bunch was eucalyptus.
The smell was pungent and left me flying high at the desk.
It gave me a sense of pureness.
My nostrils were clear.
My body was so relaxed.
It was like I was perched on a bundle of soft white clouds; up there balanced and free...
writing out expense checks with a Mont Blanc pen, BOSE stereo blasting, listening to music somewhere between Chuck Loeb and top 40 Rock and Roll... sipping cold ginger ale out of a tall long stemmed crystal wine glass.
All from a whiff.
Can ya' just imagine where my lil Gemini mind would be if this were a taste?
So for those of you who know me, this activity coupled with every day duties, and just being who I am, has been alot.
Let me rest and I'll se ya'll in a few.
Breathe deep.

Pirate Dog of the Caribean

Jack Sparrow, Dawg.

Not the Original Jack, but close.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I forgot to add the scripture for reference.

Psalm 91:4
He will cover you with his feathers,
and under his wings you will find refuge;
his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.

The late Michael Jackson sang " The way You Make Me Feel".
He states in the song that (whomever) knocks him off his feet.
I found that to be pretty powerful.
I only remember knocking someone off their feet once.
and that, might have been an accident.

God says he will cover you with His feathers and keep you under His wings.
He says you will find refuge there.
His Faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.
Rampart means guard, protection, defense... for those of you who might not know...

What joy it was to me to know I could stand firmly (on Gods Word) as well as in place.
It just hit me when I read it.

He will cover me with His feathers.
Now you know, this ain't no pressed "down", like the comforter I was under this morning.
These are God's feathers.
No quills, no frills.
Under His wings.
Whether we are soaring while doing all this or just planted firmly; I'll take it!
To think He is my Shield too... hmmmm.
Just a little bit of shield I could have used this weekend to keep the sun off my back would have really been nice...ouch.
Well while I prepare for lunch I am going to sing praises to Him for this segment of the day.
It has been more than refreshing.
Hope you were able to receive as well.


...God is pleased when we're pleased.
He wills that we be as free as birds to soar and sing our maker's praise without anxiety.”

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Life and Death

I am numb today and quite sad as my co worker's Dad passed away this week from a motorcycle accident.
My condolances to her and her loved ones.

It wasn't long ago my support was in an accident where a tractor trailer rear ended him.
He is fine.
A few visits to the chiropractor, some heat and exercise and he will be able to wave that arm high in the sky while he gives God all the Glory for the Protection given.
Thank you to those legion of angels...

We are not promised each day.
Each day is a blessing.
We are to be a blessing into each day.
I bet if you stop and really think about all the wonderful things God does for us each day you would be surprised and more grateful!
I think about the pennies (coins) I find in my travels.
Most folk would say that is lucky.
I think it is a show of abundance.
I think it is confirmation to some of the things I present to God during my day.
I think every time I find that coin it is God reminding me the answer is right in front of me; or at least HE, (the Real Answer) is.
Something as minute as this, may be, to other folk not so impressive, as it is to me.
But, there are always little hints God leaves us.
You just have to find them.
Enjoy your day today.
Find some of the overlooked pleasantries God provides for us daily!
Leave a comment, I would love to hear ...

Monday, August 24, 2009

GR8T Scott

I did the HOME DEPOT thing and looked thru every Scott gardening product there was this weekend.
I never knew there was so much to know about one's front lawn and the rose bushes and vegetable garden!
Not really my thing, but it did add texture to the weekend.
Along with the hills and valleys, farm land , moo cows and horses.
Upstate reminds me of Pennslyvania.
The are many different cultures up there.
Quite interesting.
I especially enjoyed the sliver of MOON that graced the water last night.
It was bright yellow and cheery and a great way to end a festive time of food, music and friendship.
While we were out we hit up some antique stores and a flea market which, that, put me over the edge. I just looked tho~ I am trying to save for that rainy day. But I did have my eyes on a cute little vintage dress. Weird colors it was; way more than a 70's action going on... but then I thought maybe 2009 attire might be a better choice. We were up near Woodstock, NY so I guess the dress was left over from the hippie days...
Can you tell I'm tired today?
Well folks, I do have to work.
Got to go make a paycheck.
Grace and Peace.

Back on Track

Hi kids,
I haven't been too diligent with the blog.
I guess its the Gemini in me.
You know Mind Traveler that I am.
Yesterday, I found myself conversing with my support and having him chuckle and remark to me "Do you know you are talking about 5 different things at once?!" I stopped and reflected.
I was actually speaking of 4 different ideas and the 5th was in conjunction with another idea!
But nevertheless...
So I been busy as a bee.
Trying to think up new ideas and creative endeavors.
One has to have purpose.
Speaking of purpose...
my radio show spoke about being with purpose (reason)... not to define it as deliberate.
Living your Life according to the Word and Gods Will.
Having purpose.
That has been on my mind all morning despite the fact I have heard it more than one time.
We will see what tomorrow brings, God willing.