Friday, September 25, 2009

Food for laughter

I gotta share this one with ya'.
My colleague lives between an African American family and a Puerto Rican family.
She has shared with me her interests in cooking, especially baking.
She bring all kinds of tarts and cookies, cakes and the Apple Crisp is to die for.
So her palate runs a wide range.
But today, I laughed til I cried as she described last night's events in the shared driveway.
She said the Black family was cooking up something from the way South, cooked in oil and very very pungent as she called it.
She is Cauacsian, not that that makes a difference, I am just setting the mood.
Well, that to me, translates into some deep grease fried fish, some sweet potatoes, maybe some greens or cabbage....real cornbread and buttermilk!
On the other side the Puerto Rican family was making some dish filled with the aroma of Sazon and garlic.
The Trinidadians across the street cooked tripe last weekend...
You had to see my gurls face as she tried her best to try to edit her way thru some International cooking magazine article.
I laughed so hard.
She truly has interest in these variety of foods but has no idea as where to start to enjoy them.
I told her, hehehe, with a fork, knife and spoon.
Good Eats folks,
See you Monday.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Knowing where you are

A boat docked in a tiny Mexican fishing village.
A tourist complimented the local fishermen
on the quality of their fish and asked how long it took him to catch them.
"Not very long." they answered in unison.
"Why didn't you stay out longer and catch more?"
The fishermen explained that their small catches were sufficient to meet their needs
and those of their families.
"But what do you do with the rest of your time?"
"We sleep late, fish a little, play with our children, and take siestas with our wives.
In the evenings, we go into the village to see our friends, have a few drinks, play the guitar,
and sing a few songs. We have a full life."
The tourist interrupted,"I have an MBA from Harvard and I can help you!
You should start by fishing longer every day.
You can then sell the extra fish you catch.
With the extra revenue, you can buy a bigger boat."
"And after that?"
"With the extra money the larger boat will bring, you can buy a second one and a third one and so on until you have an entire fleet of trawlers.
Instead of selling your fish to a middle man, you can then negotiate directly with the processing plants and maybe even open your own plant.
You can then leave this little village and move to Mexico City, Los Angeles,
or even New York City !
From there you can direct your huge new enterprise."
"How long would that take?"
"Twenty, perhaps twenty-five years." replied the tourist.
"And after that?"
"Well my friend, that's when it gets really interesting," answered the tourist, laughing.
"When your business gets really big, you can start buying and selling stocks and make millions!"
"Millions? Really? And after that?" asked the fishermen.
"After that you'll be able to retire, live in a tiny village near the coast, sleep late, play with your children, catch a few fish, take a siesta with your wife and spend your evenings drinking and enjoying your friends."
And the moral of this story is:
Know where you're going in may already be there!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Reflection, Redeption, Renewal

I 'm over the phone thing.
Now I have to deal with some other stuff.
This morning everyone rolled outta bed s l o w l y....
But the Miraculous GOD that HE is, everyone was on time!
Last night brought to us some things that were out of our control, but being the soldiers that we are, everything is now, ok.
That is why we were up late and everyone was tired.
We are all safe and happy; our challenge was within the means of helping others.
But Almighty that GOD is HE made a way, again, for all of us.
I love the way HE teaches (me) us.
The challenges always seen so intense but after Jesus helps us (over) to bridge the gap, HA! Whoa, tremendous.
When you are able to help others, by sacraficing what you think you can't and doing it out of love, is so edifying in the end.
I was talking with my oldest niece early this morning.
See? again, how GOD blessed us...conversations with GOD...Hallelujah.
As we praised GOD for all that is going on we conversed about what we feel we need to do to make our relationship with GOD, closer.
We talked of knowing Scripture, how to recite parables and going to church.
We talked of maintaining "Deaconess~ ship, attending church every Sunday, and also being a pseudo Christian.
We laughed that if we would stop looking at everything else and living "in the negative"
we could enjoy the positive things GOD has for us more often.
A perfect example of God's unconditional Love is with Grandma.
EVERYBODY freaked out when our Papa died about what Grandma was going to do now.
This is where I reminded my niece that we have no control, imagination or patience that GOD has!
Who would live with her?
She most definitely could not stay alone being the Diabetic that she is!
Alone at night, never!
What to do?????!!!
Well unfortunately, Grandma broke her leg.
But right up to this very day God has continually blessed us all.
Grandma had no social skills.
She now attends the Rose Garden with the gurls, daily.
Grandma was always in charge.
GOD has assigned Grandma a few CHARGE nurses to her floor.
GOD has shown her new friends, has given her three tasty square meals, a staff of Dr's and nurses to monitor her Diabetes as well as nurture her during recovery, a host of family members to provide all that anyone might have missed, and rest and relaxation in the midst of grieving my Dad.
She is the one of the youngest patients on the floor, hehehhe...
I have heard them sharing stories of Motherhood, the 1940's, recipes and religion just to list a few of their conversations.
What we thought was surely THE END is more than a beautiful blessing.
It is a lesson to all of us who hear it, read it or share it.
The parade is so colorful and jubilant outside your window.
Make sure you are ready to join them as they march by.
Do not miss the opportunity to step wildly to the joys of Life in this journey by being consumed by things that have no purpose in your Purpose.
My niece is a great Wife, Mom, and career worker;
to name a few things these Millennium woman do!
I love her steady walk with the Lord.
She encourages me just like her Dad did before he passed.
He still encourages me thru his family.
My Dad, (our Papa) has passed on too.
But I know they are both smiling upon us, proud of the Seeds they have sown.
Thank You God.
You bless us with such wonderful things.
All the time, Everyday, Everything.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Playground

The day is brisk and the sun shines brightly.
Today is a good day for we get to go to THE PARK.
Snack is nourishing and our families are together.
Wrestling, rustling leaves, cool breezes....
There is so much to see and do.
At 5 years old this could be a really big deal, The Park...
We enjoyed the swings and the Slide, the sand box and the fresh air.
In the middle of this big semi- amusement park lie the Merry-go-Round.
Swirling, whirling, round and round we go!
The sensation is tremendous and the thrill of it all leaves my dear Grandson elated.
We journey back and forth, riding the swings to going up the Slide.
Until that very moment when it hits him.
With question in his eyes and innocence in his heart he asks:
Can we go on the Mary-Gets -Around again?????!!
I think I went to high school with her.
The one whose name and number was written on the bathroom wall?
Life on the Playground.

Can you hear me now, dammit.

"Get your own corporation", I say!
Get all the family members together and pool monies to start our own phone company.
Ma Bell did it.

Yesterday, thank you Jesus, is a fog to me.
I have repented, graciously, asking God to forgive my mouth and my degenerate ways as I act a fool in the Verizon store.
As I just blogged thank you for loving me, thank you again.
One does not have to sleep next to someone, eat across the table or even be present to LOVE.
Kind words and prayer is LOVE.
Direction, a listening ear is LOVE.
Support is LOVE.
Well as I so desperately tried to download the few pictures I could on a broke a** Verizon phone, my support challenged me to relax, take a deep breath and deal.
I did.
It took a few pictures of Jack, he's the dog... but I did it.
I lost all my cute text messages, my remaining pictures (the store closed on me), my email addresses, phone numbers and VM but...
Like I said you ain't got to be right here in my face to know I love you.
That is you Tish! and the rest of the Cali crew.
Things could have been worse.
I still have not gotten over Rocky/Rachel yet.
When the animals come back into my Life I will feel whole about that horrible incident.
Mrs. Doolittle lives on...
Call me so I can update my cell phone.

Tuesday September 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Eric, Greek, Cash Money!

I guess I am not as normal a person folks think I should be.
Especially after these last 5 years.
Since I turned 50, divorced, (God, I hate that word; please forgive me for hating that word..I prefer "my then husband"), moved, settled, reviewed, renewed and refreshed, I am a new woman.
I am a first time woman.
Similar to a first time home buyer, I think.
You know, someone who has lived it, but not at their own expense?
(How do you say that?!)
Well, now I am being the woman
(I thought I was a woman!!??? I was wrong...)
I am supposed to have been.
If you understand.
I am gentle now.
I can care in my own caring ways.
No need to try to follow someone else's footsteps.
No need to care about how someone else takes their own steps!
No more worrying about what folks do.
Or what folks THINK.
Encouraging others to be themselves is my daily task.
Reveling in their joys and laughter have now become my happiness too.
I have learned to share other folk's "journo path".
I used to (try) to kill myself wondering "why" to everything.
How come? I moaned.
I used to think I was short changed cause I didn't have what the next person did.
But I am the BIG winner all the way around.
GOD said so.
Mine is mine, all mine.
For at the end of the day I have Jesus who has loved me all day long, nourished me, held me
provided for me AND mine; walked me, talked me, kept me.
This blog could go on and on and on today.
I digress.
It is my "then son-in -law's" birthday.
I love him.
I am saddened that things happen the way they do but GOD is running this ship.
I trust His decisions.
In all of that, I say this because 5 years ago would have been real different!
A lot happens when you let go and let God.
Especially when it involves those you love.
I love you all.
Thanks for loving me.
~Christian Heir