Friday, October 16, 2009


Hey family, friends, and readers,
I am sorry to be away for so long.
We took a mini va ca and mixed it with the holiday weekend and got lazy from it all.
Plus for some reason, (GOD, only YOU know), why folks have been asking me to pray for them.
I am encouraged to do so.
It only lets me know I am in line and keeping God's Will, or at least attempting to.
That, and the Enemy is busy trying to throw a monkey wrench in it all.
Yup, sugars are all over the place again.
For no reason my sugars are gone haywire.
I know I need to start walk again.
My support is getting antsy about me not walking.
The weather is changing and time is creeping up on us.
Soon snow will be on the ground.
But being the victor I am, all is well.
I am sure Our Creator can take care of a closing, heart surgery; a triple bypass no less, fleas, rent, a job, money, transportation, tuition, music contracts and Love.
My radio station is speaking about FORGIVENESS this month.
I heard this morning a little quip which The Holy Spirit struck me hard with.
You don't have to worry about changing anybody or anything.
(They) are who they are and are going to be who they are from here on in.
They were who they are, yesterday.
Accept it.
God takes care of you; so He will take care of them.
Leave it alone.
Let it go.
and enjoy what GOD has Planned for you, TODAY.
Gonna go get some rest, thank GOD in advance for my healing, their new home, successful surgery,no fleas, finances, contracts and LOVE.
Be blessed.