Friday, March 18, 2011

Hold on

I love the fact that I am able to ask God to help me.
Thank you GOD.
In the midst of all that is going on in my Life, I have to stop and realize there is an answer to all this chaos.
It is to "be still and know that I am God", so the scripture says.
When I am still enough to listen I find so much to be grateful for.
I hear folks in their well wishes to me.
I feel their LOVE and concern for me.
I recognize the time they are taking to ask how I am feeling is their time.
Of which they have shared with me.
Sometimes a simple story can change the way one feels.
I started out in gloom this morning, having not slept well for the last couple of days, I am exhausted.
It is hard to focus, hard to think positive and hard to keep a pity party from coming on strong.
This morning I was blessed with so many helpers.
Folks who offered to take my pain, give me a new hip, get me some ice, fill up my teacup, hug my beaten down body and make me whole!
God is good.
HE knows I love music.
Last night, for the SECOND time I was graced with some great shots of my friends playing music at The Georgetown Saloon!
It made me feel soooo good, even tho I wasn't there ~ I was there in spirit!
So my point here is to be patient.
Good things are coming.
If today seems to be challenging, tomorrow will be easier as you have almost made it thru the day....

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  1. This is what I needed to read. Right now my life has been so crazy and for me this is just how I feel. I just want God to touch me with his hands and take this illness away from me so we can move on with our lives.