Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Good Morning all,
I am trying my best to be diligent again in my writing now that the Full Moon has taken effect.

We travelled this weekend.
Took the long way to Stockbridge, Mass.
Through the woods and back roads.
Alongside the overflowed rivers and the embankments of mud.
Looking through the tall pines.
Watching the sun peak out from the branches.
Listening to the wind.
Rolling to the blues tunes on the CD player....
A weekend so sensual and relaxing!
Not to even mention the music!
(That's another blog)

But upon our return, I lay on my bed reminiscing through the entire trip.
My heart racing with delight.

Flutterings, I call this.
When your mind brings up a situation and then transfers it to you heart.
When the thought makes you flutter within.
Several times today, I have had flutterings.

Especially when the roar of the waterfall whispers in my ear again.
When I can feel the midst across my face.

When I realize love can be translated in soooooooo many ways.

I never took LoveLesson 101.
I've attended Caring 101 briefly but never mastered that either.
But in my current situation, I am being taught by a Master Teacher.
Someone who knows his Love(n) (v) :)

He is patient and kind and quite giving of himself.
All in the same breath.
All the time.

I am learning the qualities of being patient.
The way it effects others.
The affect of using all your senses to be patient.
When I stop to smell the situation, yes, sniff out what is taking place, when I "look" at the situation, when I get a taste of what might come to a situation that I am not patient with....
I am far better off than not being patient.

Being in the surroundings of water leaves me so calm.
A by product of Patience.
When I am patient I can catch that "glimpse" that stikles me at the right moment.
I can feel my heart beat.
I can transfer that Love(n).

When I touch the water I find myself in prayer most of the time.
Asking God to Protect our minds and bodies.
Having Him ease our pains, nourish us all.
this trip it was to teach our children.
We, as parents have Knowledge because of our years accumilated.
On the other hand, our children are (still) learning.

I have gone all around the pond with this blog this morning.
Probaly because through the depths of the water is Peace.
I experienced so much Love(n) this weekend.
Thru music and Nature and friends and Time.
Patience is Time (n).
Water is healing.

My heart flutters again to know I have been exposed to such a cleansing.
To know I am so loved.
Each time I think about where I have been and how I have gotten here I smile.
My heart flutters and I thank God, one more time.

Take your time to gather up your Flutterings.
They are free and most comforting.

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